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WDC471- Our Maturation & The Correcting Time

2004-09-20.  Our Maturation & The Correcting Time

Woods Cross #471

Topic: Our Maturation & The Correcting Time

Group: Woods Cross TeaM

Teacher: Abraham

TR: Nina


SEPTEMBER 20, 2004

ABRAHAM: I am ABRAHAM. Greetings. How wonderful it is to see you all in one room. I have missed your fellowship. My friendship with you keeps me ever linked to the material life I once lived. That is a good thing.


As a teacher I am always reminded of the education it took and still takes, to get me to this point in time. Your meetings and fellowship is indeed good exercise. We each know how quickly we can find spiritual atrophy without exercise, a sound practice of fitness in mind, body and soul.

The Correcting Time is not really something new for most of us. While progress seems slow, we can see how the spiritual and material combine to move us toward the beginning stages of Light and Life. When I was a child, I thought as a child. You can remember back just a few years when spiritual reality seemed wondrous and all the possibilities were right before you.

As you have grown and matured into spiritual adulthood, I am happy to note you have put childish things away. Our mission has been to bring awareness to worldly correction, but still maintaining an earthly reality. You have learned and are still learning, that there are numerous worlds within your material world or what the eyes can see, ears can hear, etc.

As the mind of man evolves so do the senses. You have each seen individuals whose minds are quite powerful and can block out any physical pain. We each have known individuals who have experienced severe trauma and they are all that much more stronger because of it. Those that are maturing into spiritual adulthood know well that they are not bound by mind or body, but are entirely dependant upon the guidance of the Father in Heaven.

Said Jesus, “Those who try to save their lives will surely lose it. Those who live their lives for my sake will surely be saved.” The Master refers to self-forgetfulness and setting aside the ego and its desires. How shall we give our lives when there are bills to be paid, employers to please, children to raise, physical and mental pain, a world to save?

As a child I had the things of a child. As an adult I put childish things away. You can envision how a child may cling fast to a toy of some sort, especially if another child wants it. The child thinks not of tomorrow or any possibility of receiving another toy, no. A child thinks of the loss and deprivation he or she may suffer. A child will do what they have to do to keep hold of the toy.

As adults we are able to ponder other avenues. We seek various solutions and even look at our losses as opportunities. It is easy to release your grasp when you trust in the Source from which all good things stem. Is the Master asking for us to lay down our material hold? Is He asking for opportunity to give us more? Is He asking to share our lives by putting trust in Him? Yes.

If we were at this moment to release all that we believe we hold near and dear, what would be the consequences? Without trying to control daily living, where would we be? If we were to freefall into the flow of life, what would be the outcome?

I do realize to trust in our Divine Caretakers requires trust that is at sometimes difficult to muster up. I do say however that those who find the courage to trust in spirit find themselves evolving with new senses, new possibilities, new strength.


This week find time to rise above the material senses to invite in the spiritual mind, the cosmic circuits, the divine communion. Again, as we live an optimal life we are with more energy to serve and help in the expansion of the Kingdom of Heaven here on earth.

That is all. Know that it is my great pleasure to spend this evening with you. Know that I am growing in love with you each day after day. Until next time, shalom.

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