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WDC545- Rebirth of My Experience

2006-04-03.  Rebirth of My Experience

Woods Cross #545



1Topic: Rebirth of My Experience
2Group: Woods Cross TeaM
1Teacher: Abraham, Mary
2TR: Nina


Topic: Rebirth of My Experience

Group: Woods Cross TeaM

Teacher: Abraham, Mary

TR: Nina


ABRAHAM: I am ABRAHAM, greetings. It seems like such a peaceful evening. Your calm spirits make it easy for me to give you my words. I am happy in the presence of your familiar personalities. I am always touched by your dedication to truth in any form. How blessed are we to have one another at this time. How blessed are we to have this vision of the Correcting Time and to have opportunity to have such closeness to the Father’s presence. I am grateful to Father for making any and all things possible, our thanks also to our Brother/Father for His enduring Spirit helping us to maintain faith and hope.

MARY: I am Mary, wonderful to be with you again. I am getting to know you each a little more every week. It is understandable why Abraham has that little twinkle in his eye when he speaks of you. I am honored to be a connection on your family circuit. This is a beautiful time in this region of the planet. All things are becoming new. We are fortunate to also have opportunity every day to become new. New thinking, new habit patterns, new philosophies, new possibilities and closeness to Michael and His Spirit of Truth, enables us to strive ever forward.


It was with time and experience that I had seen small steps in my transformation. It would come about unknowingly through an ability to talk with people, to relate with children, to appreciate the mundane in everyday living. The more I was involved in the ministry, the less time I had to worry about myself or focus on the negative. I learned how important everyday worship is. Father requires us not to adore Him, but when you begin to understand His presence, how can you stop it?

I am grateful to have had the experience of rebirth of spirit. I had lived the life of a seemingly dark creature and knowing my sister apostles, the Master and the Father’s presence, gave me opportunity to feel new again, or reborn.  This wonderful new feeling did not come about with ease, no. I had a great deal of regret to overcome. Before my awakening I felt trapped in my life under a cloud of subservience. It was difficult to envision my life with more, more of those gifts that are of the spirit and indeed, eternal. It took some mindal reconciliation that I was an equal part in the network of Kingdom believers.

Worship is the entrance to new life, new possibilities, new hope and faith. Worship asks nothing more than to connect to the Father’s presence. We are not trying to win the Father’s favor to have life go our way, no. We are recognizing how deeply He cares for us, no matter how we feel about ourselves. We are connecting to our reason to keep ever striving forward. I, for one, am grateful to know Father as I do. I know with time we will become closer. The Master certainly did set a wonderful example of worship, or connection with Father. The act of choosing to have gratitude is opening a doorway to new things.

This week find time every day for appreciation and worship. Think about those small things Father does that helps us to feel a part of all there is. That is all. Our love goes with you. Until next time, shalom.

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