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WDC546- Recognition of Spirit of Truth

2006-04-10.  Recognition of Spirit of Truth

Woods Cross #546

Topic: Recognition of Spirit of Truth

Group: Woods Cross TeaM

Teacher: MichaelA

TR: Nina


In your midst, a thought of light, aspects of truth, wrong or right, the tumbling sea, obvious to all, every drop important, no matter how small.


MICHAEL: I am your BROTHER/FATHER. I am honored to be a note in the melody of your life. I have come to bring recognition of the Spirit of Truth that is alive and well among you. The changes in this world are understandable to me, but also is it understandable that it is confusing for you. Thank you for your ongoing effort and not giving up on me when my plan seemed boring. You have allowed the truth to be what it is. I am grateful to you that have stayed the course and allowed Father’s plan and purpose to take root. Change is slow.

This evening I bring you greetings from the many who pray for this small evolutionary planet. The support of the universe is behind this small world in a big way. Forget not what I am among you. Don’t lose your recognition of me as your Brother/Father. Know that I go before you. I am the voice of truth in your thoughts and am not to chastise you for your mortal ways, but to encourage you as citizens of a growing universe.

The Correcting Time is not a game. It is not to set individuals apart as special. It is not to uphold the ego that stems from animal instinct. I know you cannot see me with your material eyes, but you can feel my Spirit move with yours. You can receive my message. You can recognize me. I am here in every moment. I am asking you that have ears to hear, that have eyes to see, that have faith, to stay the course. Yes, we are in the midst of great changes, many of which you cannot make sense out of until time passes.

Our Mission is live, it is moment by moment. I am asking for you to be patient, be observant, be open to receive. Remember in life’s circumstances nothing of value is ever lost. Mortals of Urantia have nothing to lose at this point–only to gain. Allow the light of the Spirit to lift your burden of thought, even if only for a moment. Allow the light to cleanse your soul and renew your faith. Recognize me in everyday life. See that I am working. I am alive and determined to care for my children. In love, patience and peace, carry on.


ABRAHAM: I am ABRAHAM. How full are we with the possibilities of the Master’s blessings. I, for one, shall heed the call. What an honor it is to serve one who is so encouraging.

This week take note of how you can recognize the Spirit of Truth working. How might you be quiet in thought and open to instruction? Let us ponder the seriousness of the Master’s message concerning the Mission and yet, remember to embrace peace and patience. You do well. Our love goes with you. Until next time, shalom.

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