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WDC559- Spiritual Logic

2006-07-24.  Spiritual Logic

Woods Cross #559

Topic: Spiritual Logic

Group: Woods Cross TeaM

Teacher: Abraham, Emulan

TR: Nina


ABRAHAM: I am Agraham. Greetings. I am intrigued this evening listening to your conversation. I am enlightened by your display of spiritual logic. I am grateful to always add to the scaffolding of meanings and values. I am grateful to have this soul closeness with each of you. How blessed I am to have served with you these many years. I am enjoying the addition you bring to my spiritual understanding. Even though I wore the flesh many years ago, it would seem the issues of living stay the same. I am with joy to see you each are willing to work out difficulties together. No one is running away. Everyone is adding to the table, which holds an abundance of spiritual food.

EMULAN: I am Emulan, my greatest pleasure to be back here with you. I have really enjoyed the lessons on spiritual logic. Abraham has asked me to say a few words. As always, my understanding is an interpretation of my experience and education. My friends, you know well of my story. It feels wonderful to have you know me and allow me to be open.


My life in the flesh brought me great pain at one point. The future seemed dim. I was seemingly trapped within my own mind and had not the ability to reason. Pain, whether physical or emotional, it is traumatic. It takes time to filter experience through your understanding. It would seem my understanding made its first appearance when I was in complete surrender. I sincerely wished for death. I had no place to go, except to my reservoir of faith, which was not a lot.

Every day small happenings would occur that would align my understanding and bring me new meanings. I remember in the mental illness facility that I was held, I watched a great deal of individuals battle their demons. I began to look upon these individuals as God’s children and they were each loveable in their own way. I had learned probably more from other patients, concerning faith and spiritual logic, than I did from doctors or books.

As my ability to reason returned, I was able to shape my tragedy into the wonderful lesson that would not only help me to grow as a Kingdom son, but also help others to endure. We have heard ‘fight the good fight of faith’ in this mortal life, and indeed it is a struggle, attainable, but still a struggle. From the struggle comes new light, new tools to advance in your spiritual and mortal life. My struggle was indeed well worth the reward and I am with complete assurance that all was lent to an ultimate good. I am with joy to watch you grow and draw ever closer to the Kingdom family. Well done.


ABRAHAM: I am Abraham, our gratitude to a wonderful brother and teacher. This week let us ponder Emulan’s lesson on finding value in our challenges. How do we fight the good fight of faith? What brings us back to our place of personal peace? That is all. From all of us, we are wishing you Godspeed into the week ahead. Our love goes with you. Until next time, shalom.

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