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WDC560- Correcting Time Experimental

2006-07-31.  Correcting Time Experimental

Woods Cross #560

Topic: Correcting Time Experimental

Group: Woods Cross TeaM

Teacher: AbrahamMary

TR: Nina


ABRAHAM: I am Abraham. Greetings. It is such an honor to be among you Kingdom believers. I am with a sense of peace among you. You are easy to talk to. I have nothing to do to win you over. I am with gratitude to be so welcomed. I thank you.


I learn a great deal from the individuals in this group, as well as out into the Teaching Mission in general. We each must remember that this Correcting Time is somewhat experimental. We will have our moments of seeming defeat, as well as short bouts of victory. You of open mind and heart make our transition into the new era easy and a pleasure. I understand at times to be with wavering faith, but even more grateful to be in the company of those willing to endure and stay the course. This evening, as we stay with the topic of spiritual logic, we will discuss that tendency of mortals to experience wavering faith.

MARY: I am Mary, again, overjoyed to be in your midst. My experience in faith is much like many of yours. First of all, it was difficult to find faith in anything who would have me as I am. I found it difficult to believe in my worthiness to receive something so much larger than I could even conceive.

As a child I was made to feel as if I was a constant burden. I learned to stay out of sight. I attempted to be as little trouble as possible and for that, many times I had not dared to ask for what I needed. I went without. I felt unworthy of any caretaking. So upon meeting my sisters and learning that I was loved simply because I existed was difficult to fathom. According to society’s conditions I was not to be valued and really believing there was indeed a higher power, who would have me as I am, took some reconciliation of mind.

It was the Master’s easy going attitude toward me that made me feel like a true sister in the Kingdom. I was made to feel a part of the whole. I prayed that I would not do anything to discount that status. Faith, for me, was a long journey and appeared to have so many branches of learning. I believed there was indeed something I could do to either drive God from me or be punished by Him in some manner. The Master’s reflection of the Father was so beautiful in the fact that it was so casual.

It was obvious that what society valued and what the Master taught us to value, differed in so many ways. I really had to break free from my life long conditioning to believe that I was worthy, I was not in need of continuous punishment and there was nothing I could do to make myself a spiritual orphan. In the second stage of my growing faith, I came to know that struggle between the spirit and the animal. I realized that my work needed to be about the Father and not about gaining credit for my good works.

As you are with some assurance that you are a participant in this Kingdom adventure, you may almost believe at some point you should not make any more mistakes and if you did, Father would certainly be much more harsh in teaching you a lesson. Of course, this is erroneous thinking. Every mortal shall know this experience and hopefully in their life in the flesh, will come to understand that just because you are with faith, you know better than to make mistakes.

It is easy to feel punished or alone during your times when you have knowingly or even unknowingly, set aside Father’s will in favor of selfishness. Dangerous thinking is when you still wear the mortal flesh and believe you are infallible. The comfort in our topic this evening is that Father is your working partner. He is not a punisher or loving you conditionally. He is at every moment by your side, willing to show you a better way. He does not want for your pain. As a good Father, He longs to see you closer to Him. He longs for your success.


In this modern age, what erroneous thoughts do we still hold of our understanding of the First Source and Center? It is understood the Urantia Book is simply a tool, but still it is the best guideline you have in writing. Let us make effort this week to review its pages on faith. I’m sorry; there are no questions this evening. We are due to be elsewhere. As always, we cherish our time with each one of you and think not that we lose track of any of our student/friends. Our love is ever growing, from Abraham and myself, shalom.

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