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WDC565- The Correcting Time

2006-09-11.  The Correcting Time

Woods Cross #565

Topic: The Correcting Time

Group: Woods Cross TeaM

Teacher: Abraham

TR: Nina


ABRAHAM: I am Abraham. Greetings. Grateful am I to be surrounded by such faithful children. Your inquisitive minds always drive me to do further research on my own knowledge. It is an honor to be with individuals who can think of the universe in its grandest form on down to its most microscopic. Such is our Correcting Time.


Our small ripples create great waves of change. I mean change in any manner of thinking–it could be positive or negative, either way an ultimate good results. This is the beauty of faith. We can look at what we are handed and feel within the depth of our souls that this is not all, there is always more, there is always deeper meanings and values.

The Correcting Time was never meant to shake man from his spiritual slumber. The Correcting Time was only to plant seeds that man would want to grow for himself. I appreciate knowing those small steps you each take in helping our Correcting Time to take firm root in an enduring and fertile soil.

The last time we spoke together as a group we remembered the apostles learning to live the ministry in everyday life. As the apostles had to learn, we must also learn that the ministry is also for us personally. We are to be cared for also. We are to learn and grow, as well as teach and uphold faith. It would seem that there are certain times in the mortal life that one wishes not to be seen as needy. It would seem that those who would consider themselves to be forerunners in a Teaching Mission such as ours would believe they are to minister and are in need no longer of ministry.

As we look back on the Master’s life we can see His effort made to rally the apostles to uphold Him in His cause, but as mortals do, they fell short. The Master however maintained His strength in putting total faith in Father and knowing that with Him all things are possible. Things in this mortal life might not always turn out as we hope, but at least we can count on sufficient strength to weather any storm. Many things will seem to fall short of your expectations in this life. The most mindfully healthy thing we can expect is Father’s participation in whatever form that may come in.


This week I ask not for assignments, but for you to find rest and reversion. Take time to play and find the lighter side to living. These past few weeks have created enough serious thought. This week we shall give our minds some rest. That is all. My love is ever growing for you each. Go in peace. Shalom.

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