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WDC566- Many Issues To Ponder -Part 1

2006-09-18. Many Issues To Ponder -Part 1

Woods Cross #566

Topic: Many Issues To Ponder

Group: Woods Cross TeaM


Teacher: AbrahamMary

TR: Nina


ABRAHAM: I am Abraham. Greetings. I thank you each for your participation in the wellness of our group. It is apparent that you each take a certain amount of responsibility to create peace. Each of you really do have a gentle side. Your tact and humor has this area of our Mission running like a well-oiled machine. I trust that you all had some sort of rest and reversion this week. It is healing in many ways, physically, mentally, spiritually, to rise above your concerns and find rest.

MARY: I am Mary. How wonderful it is to be with you again. It would seem that today’s mortal life holds so many issues to ponder. It would seem that the world moves at top speed and even then, to many it never seems like enough. In my day I mostly worried about survival. It seems that the larger issues of that day and age were out of reach for the people. We were deeply involved in tradition and if one person tried to create change, of course they were going against what has always been thought to be right.


Today you have more freedom to break from tradition and search out new and better ways for the quality of everyday living. Technology puts the world’s issues at your fingertips. So much information is readily available. I suppose in my day life was much more simple because of the lack of knowledge. We see the majority of individuals on Urantia as good people, all wanting a just and united world. Unfortunately there are those still bound by old tradition that keeps the cycle of ignorance in motion.

How you live your very lives is the best you can do for our cause. Doing what you think is right and good sends a message. It is easy really. Of course, Father will set you up for special tasks that help in our rippling continuum for the Correcting Time. You can say yes or no to these assignments. It matters not. I do know that time made to clear the mind is always a blank canvas for Father. Stillness is one way to rise above those thoughts that consume your mind. There are other methods as well that refresh your mind and improve your attitude. This is individual and those things you find that help feed your soul are also good for mind refreshment and rejuvenation.

As a young woman I was plagued in mind with those things I needed to do to survive. It was somewhat animalistic and all consuming. How grateful I was to meet my sisters, who finally convinced me there was a better way. At first I rejected their ideas, wondering how would I maintain my self-support? How will I eat? Where will I lay my head at night? It took some surrendering to be open to those seeds that Father was trying to plant. It was a struggle to believe there was any better way and that I could actually be empowered to create it. Surrendering for me was indeed cleansing. I knew that Father knew everything I had ever done and still He was there to help me change in mind. I was reprieved, so to speak, of my past sins and new life was in the works.


This week we want to suggest pondering the issue of surrender and what it meant when the Master said, “He who tries to save his life will lose it and he who loses it for my sake will be saved.” Rise above all that external stimulation. Find a time each day to feed the soul. We are so honored to be among you as Kingdom believers. That is all. From Abraham and myself, we bid you shalom.

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