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WDC665- Individual Assessments

2009-02-23-Individual Assessments
Woods Cross #665


• 1 Heading
o 1.1 Topic: Individual Assessments
o 1.2 Group: Woods Cross TeaM
• 2 Facilitators
o 2.1 Teacher: Abraham
o 2.2 TR: Nina
• 3 Session
o 3.1 Opening
o 3.2 Lesson
o 3.3 Dialogue
o 3.4 Closing

Topic: Individual Assessments
Group: Woods Cross TeaM
Teacher: Abraham
TR: Nina


ABRAHAM:  I am ABRAHAM. Greetings. As I look around the room I am reminded of a time long ago when I had sat in the love and comfort of many friends. In that aspect this social scene has not changed much. There is still food and drink, conversation of the latest issues of the day. I am enjoying every moment you spend together. I am also impressed by your tenacity to hold firm to the truth. Everyday life can seemingly crush your spirit and you may go down, but not for long. Your faith is indeed a branch to hold onto. I am overjoyed at the fact you are each willing to take the hard lessons and make the most out of them.


ABRAHAM:   Think back perhaps ten years ago when some annoying complication arose and your spiritual focus was not quite practiced. Remember the moaning and groaning and complaining. Today you can look at an issue with spiritual eyes and make a decision based on your spiritual education. I am also inspired by your courage to free-fall in some situations. Sometimes you have not any idea what is going on, but you trust Father enough to go with the moment. You may not see the value in this method at the time, but believe me, the goodness that comes from it goes a long way. I offered up questions last week. Mary and I stand by if you do have some.


MIRIAM: Abraham, my friend Emily couldn’t come tonight. She is so enjoying reading the book and developing a friendship with you and Mary. This really means a lot to her and she wanted to know if you could share her spiritual name and if you have an assessment?

ABRAHAM: I don’t usually share such facts unless the person is present, but I have met with her and can give her a few words. From my understanding of the English language, the spiritual name for Emily sounds like Vonna and I would recommend to her to journal the most interesting facts she reads in the Urantia Book. Write down those lines that touch her soul. This is a good method of study. She does well. Next.

BARBARA: I would like an assessment if possible.

ABRAHAM: Of course. My daughter, you have had quite the tumultuous year and I can say I admire you for your courage and stamina. I understand that you have worry over loved ones in which you cannot do anything to control or help. My suggestion on that topic would be to encourage your loved ones to grow up. Do not enable them anymore—no financial help. You have given a great deal of yourself. It is time for you to be taken care of.

I can promise you that the Master stands before you with open arms and longs to hold His daughter and give her the strength to carry on. You are in a position where you touch the lives of many and our meeting is no accident. I have known you for quite some time. I believe you have always had the best of intentions, even if the decisions were not quite right. Don’t be so hard on yourself.

Your guilt does not help you become a better person. It does not help you live your life today. It is a hindrance and a deterrent for the growing spirit. Although my daughter, you do well. Keep observant and make every effort to view life situations through the eyes of our Father. Know that He brings out an ultimate good out of every situation. Another question?

TECTRA: Yes Abraham, I have two questions. I want to preface this with saying thank you so much for the summer we got together with Nina. I am so thankful for your words then. I would like to have you talk about what I have gone through and still going through, although it is not as severe as last summer.

It seems to me, my experience, that I am more alive to spirit and goodness, just the awesomeness of life. Is this kind of what is going on all over the planet with people? It is kind of distressing in a way to see these new realizations and new eyes that I am looking through. So my question is if you could just talk on that subject on a worldwide scale?

ABRAHAM: Certainly, I can say a few words. I believe in your circumstance that it was unique because you are a minister in this Teaching Mission. There are experiences you have not had that will help in your training to become more approachable and have the ability to tap into the Father’s words. On the other hand, there are millions of individuals who are feeling this quickening in their spirit and it is due from the growth of the Supreme Being.

Every time the Supreme Being is encoded with more information, there is a reflection back to the people on the planet and it is felt physically by you, it is felt mentally, although it is confusing. You could say that the dose you had was perhaps ten times greater than the average mortal. We find you to be in an excellent position to reach people on a one on one basis. You have a wonderful perception of the Master, yes and you do know Him very well. You have incorporated His best qualities into your personality, but I believe there might be some stifling of emotion.

Even the Master had emotion erupt from His being. As a mortal sometimes you must let it out, let the truth come forth. Maybe it is not the correct perception, but it is not bottled up and brewing, creating chaos. Take the next few weeks to study over the strength of the Master. He was indeed strong, many times seemingly harsh and yet this was definitely fatherly. Be not afraid to step out and be yourself. You are a wonderful man and it is an honor to work with you. Have you another question?

TECTRA: Yes. Thank you so much Abraham. That was beautiful. I understand that the Correcting Time is going on. I don’t know how it works, but I perceive that there are myriads of angels and supernal beings working on our planet to up step peoples minds and like you just mentioned the encoding of the Supreme Being happening to infuse us more. I am curious if there is also some kind of energy other than what is created by the Supreme Being, like energy waves happening that our planet is going through?

ABRAHAM: The only thing I can think of is energy created by human beings. As you know, we are a great percentage of output of energy due to emotions and this energy does conjoin with others energy and sometimes this is bad, sometimes this is good. The hope for our Correcting Time is that our Mission workers would bring forth the light energy that brings hope and sound solutions. Again, I can think of the circuits that carry energy. I can say that the Supreme Being also sends an energy and mortals can tap into this energy or create their own energy. I don’t know if I am understanding the question.

TECTRA:  Like where our planet is in space right now—is there anything from the outer realms of space hitting our planet right now to facilitate this awakening that is happening?

ABRAHAM:  I believe it is nothing out of the ordinary, only the circuits that are quite busy and that is possibly what you are feeling. We are, on our side, trying to become more organized and we do have legions of helpers attempting to move this energy in a correct direction. Good question, my son.

MIRIAM: You know how they talk about co creation. Maybe this is very simplistic, but as I grow my love for Father in the universe, then doesn’t Father grow, like the Supreme Being thing? As we grow in our energy, is increasing in strength and faith, that would be part of the energy and vibration of whatever you want to label it.

ABRAHAM: Yes, but more so instead of Father growing, your vision for Him is growing. You’re able to see more, to understand more, to hear Him better. So, not so much He is growing because He already is. It’s more that your spiritual eyes are able to take in more. Is that helping?

MIRIAM: He is always going to be bigger than we are, always be ahead of us. Like eight million years from now when I ever get to that place, Father is going to be eight million more years ahead of me because He is always going to be growing more. Is that accurate?

ABRAHAM:  To some point, yes, but there will be that wonderful day when you fuse with your Thought Adjuster and it will be as though you have the same experience, same knowledge and the question of being slower will not even occur to your mind. Yes, so one day you will be one with Him.

REBECCA: Abraham, I would like to know my spirit name.

ABRAHAM:  Certainly. The closest I can relate to you in this language would sound like Zonya, yes. Our connection is weakening. Is there one more question?

SIMON: I would like some loving words of council.

ABRAHAM: Certainly. Simon, I am so happy for you because you seem happy. You seem put together, doing what you love. Your example that you set for the people you know is truly inspiring. It is obvious you just love the Father. Continue the good work.

ANNETTE: Thank you a lot, a lot, a lot for all your advice you gave me since I started coming to this group. I am so honored, so thrilled, just wonderful and things you tell me go very good. I’m almost over these poison spirits. I need to ask you my name, how to spell it and any advice for me now? I love you.

ABRAHAM: I do remember it sounded like Ananda, but when you are on our side, it may be slightly different. I do think it is reflective of your beautiful personality. Ananda, I do believe. As far as an assessment goes, I am so overjoyed at the effort you make to understand these spiritual lessons. I am happy that you still find comfort in the religion you grew up with and can integrate the lessons you are learning now. You can see there is basic themes of truths that run through all religions, but it has been such an honor to watch you grow and to not give up the good fight of faith. Your efforts to understand our particular philosophy is commendable. You do well.


ABRAHAM:  I believe that is all we can do for this evening. Know that if there are more question, we can always do them at a later date. I have enjoyed our personal time together. I find each one of your unique personalities delightful. Continue in the good works and Mary and I shall meet with you again. Go in peace. Until next time, shalom.

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