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WDC700- Michael’s Birthday

2010-08-21-Michael’s Birthday
Woods Cross #700


• 1 Heading
o 1.1 Topic: Michael’s Birthday
o 1.2 Group: Woods Cross TeaM
• 2 Facilitators
o 2.1 Teacher: Abraham
o 2.2 TR: Nina
• 3 Session
o 3.1 Opening
o 3.2 Lesson
o 3.3 Closing

Group: Woods Cross TeaM
Teacher: Abraham
TR: Nina


ABRAHAM:  I am Abraham. Greetings. I am filled with energy and enthusiasm to be among you on this day of celebration. I am touched by your affection for each other. It matters not the time in which you have been acquainted, only the willingness to open up and be who you really are.


ABRAHAM:   I am familiar with your life history and am moved by your determination to strive toward the light. I am well in understanding of your personal disappointments and am inspired to keep working diligently for the Master’s goal. I am made glad to be among your discussions today and hear such positive reflections concerning family, faith and healing. We are the sum total of our willingness to learn and listen to the First Source and Center.

I know for myself, I had moments of redundant toiling, certain disappointments and seeming defeats. I also know that Mary had also worked tirelessly for a life that didn’t seem to be working back for her. Most of us also know the life history of Jesus, who set an example of the potentials man could reach.
There are many minds in the mortal life who are expecting grand rewards and will live their mortal life on those terms. When hardship strikes they have not the understanding of ‘why’ life is so hard when they are so good. Rewards in each mortal’s mind varies from differing levels of personal understanding or if you will, education.

The Master exemplified how the Father’s love was a reward all unto its own. During these human conditions or mortal strife, He had not an anxiety that could have made His circumstances worse. In fact, He had empowerment of an inner strength that helped Him to face any enemy or event. Jesus did not think about putting forth good behavior to receive rewards or accolades of some sort. His reward was constant and not for material eyes to see, but for the personal gates of faith to be open and the mind to understand.

Many have thoughts of being along the spiritual path as more stress-free, as if one might have seniority in the Kingdom family. The path is for the most part the same for all mortals on an evolutionary world. The changes one might find in the mortal life along the path of experience is their own growth, their own personal discovery. Events and issues will always be. Your growth is what helps you to attain the tools to move along. The incentive to move is that personal contact with Father and your door to Him is why you have gathered today.

We are also with gratitude and happiness to celebrate with you, the birth of our Creator/Brother/Father on this mortal planet. We would have you go forth from this celebration with the desire to ponder your understanding of reward. What makes you truly happy? What keeps you motivated and filled with living faith?


ABRAHAM:   You are always a source for education and examples of how man can transcend those desires that pull him from the spirit. Know that our involvement with you never waivers. Our love for you is continuous. Have joy and celebration. Go in peace. Shalom.

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