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WDC710- Growth of Meaning through Service

2011-06-26-Growth of Meaning through Service
Woods Cross #710


• 1 Heading
o 1.1 Topic: Growth of Meaning through Service
o 1.2 Group: Woods Cross TeaM
• 2 Facilitators
o 2.1 Teacher: Abraham, Mary
o 2.2 TR: Nina
• 3 Session
o 3.1 Lesson
o 3.2 Closing

Topic: Growth of Meaning through Service
Group: Woods Cross TeaM
Teacher: Abraham, Mary
TR: Nina


ABRAHAM:  I am ABRAHAM. Greetings. I have such enjoyment in your environment in this warm region. I, like you, can smell the fresh cut grass, the flowers, see the beautiful colors and hear the birds. I do feel more of an immense love for you each, even though you have not seen me face to face. I have gotten to know you each and that makes me love you, but more so, to know that you are my universal brothers and sisters. Working toward the cause of the good helps me to use senses you have not even heard of. I don’t love you because I am supposed to love you. Rather, I love you because Father loves you. Can you see anyone in your daily doings that you could say in all honesty Father does not love that person?

Father is the great Parent and naturally loves the sinner, yet loathes the sin. He is not a great punisher for when we have made mistakes. He is not a spy to always watch your every move to see when you mess up. Father is rather like a motivator, showing you your gifts, showing you how to use your time, showing you to have ease within mind to obtain enjoyment. It really is okay when we are with the Father’s will. In the moment of necessity we can tell if what we are doing is guided by Father or guided by our ego.

This method of communication between you and I will become extinct because the communication of a spiritual nature will simply be there. I am with complete understanding that some individual’s paths may wander here or there and they are spinning their wheels. I say to them, have not worry. Have not thoughts of Father as a punisher, no. There are times in our life where we must put together pieces of life to connect a puzzle and reap the value and meaning from within. Some of you only have a few pieces of the puzzle and are working and possibly worrying. I am saying to you, have not worry. It takes a great deal of time to gather the pieces, to fit the pieces together, to decipher the puzzle and withdraw the meaning and value therefrom. The meaning and value are the skills we will use throughout eternity. So you see, there is no reason to hurry.

MARY:  I am MARY. Greetings to you, children. I like the way Abraham uses the puzzle analogy. I can say when I had first been introduced to the Lord I had wanted to do anything and everything. I was tending to the sick, feeding them, bandaging sores, laundry, with the hope that God smiled down upon me. More and more of Jesus’ helpers came to work with the sick and my energy was diverted elsewhere. I thought this was weak of me. I did not understand it was a calling. Jesus was trying to give me more of a ministry wherein I would speak to women about the good news. I thought to myself, this is too easy, it can’t be. I liked doing it. It could not be work. It’s not scrubbing sheets or patching bed-sores, holding the hand of the dying, no. It was virtually opposite, it was energy-building. It was spirit-expansion. I even felt a little guilt that I was not down in the trenches.

As time passed I began to go from city to city and carefully spread the good news to the sisters who would have of it. I came against such resistance and felt downtrodden and useless. I thought to myself, at least when I was back washing sheets I could see progress, but in ministering to the people I knew not whereof these good works went. I began to feel a personal crisis. Yet, in knowing Jesus He wanted me to take a puzzle from each significant area of living and withdraw the meaning therefrom and I had learned the ego likes to see with the eyes, but those who work for the will of God have no desire to see the outcome of any good works.

I know being a mortal, times can change in a wink of an eye and it does seem difficult to keep up with it. I am with the understanding that those who lean upon the will of God have a comfortable knowing—just a comfortable knowing—nothing to fret about, nothing to keep an eye on, simply a reliance on the Father within you to tell you when and where to move. Yes, much like the armed forces.


MARY:   That is all. That is all for this evening. We have big days ahead where we should feel a reunion with others and make new friendships and worry not about the differences, but about the bridges of friendship we can build now. Know that our love is with you always. Go in peace. Until next time, Shalom.

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