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WDC711- 20th Year Anniversary

2011-07-28-20th Year Anniversary
Woods Cross #711


• 1 Heading
o 1.1 Topic: 20th Year Anniversary
o 1.2 Group: IC 2011
• 2 Facilitators
o 2.1 Teacher: Abraham
o 2.2 TR: Nina
• 3 Session
o 3.1 Opening
o 3.2 Lesson
o 3.3 Closing

Topic: 20th Year Anniversary
Group: IC 2011
Teacher: Abraham
TR: Nina


ABRAHAM:  I am ABRAHAM. Thank you Tomas, well said.


Some years ago we have sent out the calling and many of you answered. For that our hearts are over-flowing with gratitude. This Correcting Time was meant to be a gift for the people who had ears to hear, open minds and hearts. The Teaching Mission was to bring the Urantia Book to life. The ministry of the teachers such as myself were to bring reality to those words you read in the Papers. The book is no doubt one of a kind and magnificent in itself, again, those are words on paper. It is the people who live those words that bring the book to life and the planet closer to Light and Life.

With every evolving movement of the planet there are always stray paths and it is common to get lost from time to time. Those realities that stay are ones you can count on. Those fleeting fads are not to be worried about. Over these many years we have searched for the so-called average people who have made a commitment to Father, Michael and the movement.
We can see that Christ Michael’s bestowal began in the most common of ways—the most average, because this is how it’s done on an experimental evolutionary planet. Our progress has been slow but sure. We have from time to time taken stray paths and we have learned that to serve Father gives us no special privileges or easy living.

With regards to the Correcting Time, many of you have had overwhelming experience which could be translated as training. We have brought morontia mota to life here, to you. You that will have it will experience all sides of life — justice and injustice, truth and dishonesty, love and hate. Many of you have committed to the accelerated morontia learning and many have complained.

I am to remind you after these 20 years that there is every reason to rejoice in our seemingly so-called downfalls, as well as the mountain-tops of faith. It is said in your own text that we will resume life beyond the veil where we have left off and with this Correcting Time Teaching Mission many of you are in line to serve here and beyond this life. And, we mean not to rush you or try to fit a quart in a pint, but we are somewhat in a mode of salvage.

With the technology of today and fast paced world, there is so many pit-falls and as Teaching Mission participants we are trying to keep faith in the forefront of the minds of Urantians. Not money or power or status is going to move the planet into Light and Life. It is the life that you live that sets the example for true priority. All the words on paper will not solidify faith or even regenerate faith; it will be the face-to-face contact with one another, the love you share, the friendships you make, the ability to overlook flaws in family members and still love them just as the Master loved. When you are in the midst of difficulties and turmoil, make effort to quiet the mind because the Master is at work, He is reaching for His children through you.

The planet is on somewhat shaky ground because material has become so important — faster, better, cheaper, and the value of a human life has decreased. With our Urantian Teaching Mission forces we can bring that value of human life back up and regenerate faith and have that majority of the planet we need to move us into Light and Life. It is definitely a time we are walking a tight rope, but I can say fear not, our safety net is secure. Father, Mother, Michael, and numerous personalities are there to help us.

We are the living Urantia Book. We are bringing life to the words on pages. We are not simply spouting off knowledge of what should be, but living with a joyful faith that brings hope and unifies. We need not be separate by money, status, power, race or gender. Our Teaching Mission is to unify and enlarge the Kingdom of God. Everybody is welcome at Fathers table.

The Master has set a brilliant example for us as average mortals to bring hope, to let everyone know they are welcome. No one is an inferior child. We are here for you to bring your text book to daily living. We are not just about knowledge but action, joy, faith, brotherhood. I am with over-flowing gratitude to have been a part of this Mission with you. You cannot even begin to fathom the helpers that are waiting for you to call upon them. They are with abiding love for you as their brothers and sisters in the Kingdom, as well as co-workers.

Remember to listen in your hard times because you are gathering morontia mota and training to disperse that knowledge to your fellows. Know that Michael goes before you. He clears the way and creates for us an understanding on where we fit into this universal evolution. Know that our Mission is stronger than ever. Have not fear. Our work is not so much sitting and listening anymore, but out acting among the people, giving hope to the hopeless and making all individuals feel like a valued member of this community.


ABRAHAM:   With that said, I shall take my leave. I express to you my never-ending love and appreciation. Go in peace. Shalom.

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