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AND22- How Love Comes Back To Us

2006-02-19-How Love Comes Back To Us
Andover #22


• 1 Heading
o 1.1 Topic: How Love Comes Back To Us
o 1.2 Group: Andover TeaM
• 2 Facilitators
o 2.1 Teacher: Aronafal, Michael, Tomas
o 2.2 TR: Randy, Keith
• 3 Session
o 3.1 Opening
o 3.2 Exercise
o 3.3 Lesson
o 3.4 Dialogue
o 3.5 Closing

Topic: How Love Comes Back To Us
Group: Andover TeaM
Teacher: Aronafal, Michael, Tomas
TR: Randy, Keith


We began with stillness, then toning. Randy led us through the setting up of the Merkaba.


Randy: Now remember how we connect to the Merkaba. See the shaft of light that is running through your spine that connects your chakras. Take the top part of that, coming out of the crown chakra, and connect it above us to the light anchor that runs through this living room. And then take the part that comes out of your root chakra and connect it with the lower part of the light anchor. When this happens, a sphere of energy forms, a globe of energy that we call a Merkaba. There are energy lines of longitude and latitude that make up this spherical energy construct.

The longitudinal (i.e., north-south) lines are our heart lines. You may see these lines as pink or red. They run from the earth center, up through the light anchor / lower line, up through your right leg, through your heart center, back down through your left leg, down the lower line, and then up the line to the next person on your left. The energy goes up into that person in the same way and down, then to the next person to the left, etc. In this way we share the good feeling between us, your heart-felt feelings.

The mind lines are the lines of latitude around the sphere (i.e., east-west). You may see these as blue and at a higher frequency. Instead of going clockwise around the circle, they go to the right. Imagine the energy line going from your left temple, through your head and out your right temple, into the left temple of the person on your right, and etc. For people who gather in this energy construct that are of the same mindal intent, that are on the same page, this links us together.
Groups like this that are linked with a common mindal intent and common heartfelt feelings are empowered when they use the Merkaba. The energies that come through them multiply geometrically, approximating an output equal to the square of the number of participants… much more than the simple arithmetic sum of the participants.

We ask the celestials who are with us to please help with the energy connections, and aid and participate with us. I can feel the presence of many, especially Monjoronson.


ARONAFAL:  It is I, Aronafal. Let us continue.  Imagine the energy that runs from the Father, through Divinington, through Michael and down through your light anchor and therefore through you all, as you are still connected to this light anchor. This love energy is coming through you. With your intent please take it through your heart center, the center of your being, and project the love energy into the Merkaba. Receive this love of God into your body and express it freely from your heart into the sphere, where it will collect. It may help you to receive the energy through your crown chakra by inhaling deeply, and releasing it through your heart chakra by exhaling fully. Imagine the love begin to fill the sphere in front of you, filling it for the peace prayer of which we are about to offer.

[pause, as we continue to breathe deeply, rhythmically]

Feel relaxed. Feel aligned with the Father. Allow the peace that passes all understanding to just flow through you. Swell this Merkaba in front of you.


Randy: As we gather this gift here, we ask Father to use this energy for world peace on Urantia. We ask that this loving energy is used for peace where ever it may be needed, for the highest good of all. Unconditionally, we now send this gift. Let it be so.

ARONAFAL: : As you send this, realize that what goes around does come around. Imagine the good that this will do. Feel peace. Imagine your life so chaotic that all that you can think of is survival, and what just a small piece of this peace would mean to you. See that person’s face in front of you. This is what you are doing.  Feel the gratitude from those receiving help from our Father.

Love never stops, never ends. It proceeds from the Father and flows through His creation, sustaining, uplifting, driving, being the being-ness of it all. In response it is returned in many ways back to the Father through worship and through the righteousness of how things work. Even though it may not be directed back at Him, everything goes back to the Father, including this love energy. Then He sends it back to us for our recognition. This is what you feel right now. It is gratifying, is it not? Let us take a few minutes to feel the effects of this love before you give your other peace prayers.

Let us also in stillness feel the other people around the world that are doing this at this time. Virtually you are doing this all together in one large Merkaba.

[Ed note: the group then offered their prayers]

ARONAFAL: : Now we request that you calm your minds and still your bodies for just a few more minutes as you relax in the Father’s embrace. The love of our Father is manifest in our local universe in many personalities, including each of you. The Father wishes you to imagine and feel His unique embrace for you right now. He wishes for you to imagine and feel the embrace of Nebadon’s Sovereign, Michael, and that of our local universe Holy Spirit, Nebadonia, as they each embrace you right now.

MICHAEL: Well done, good and faithful servants.


TOMAS: This is Tomas. Welcome everyone.

Group: Welcome.

TOMAS:  I am glad that you are gathered here tonight. You may not have felt as much as you would have expected to feel on this first night. As more people gather for this, you will be able to feel more of the energy. There have been others that participated tonight, even though you may not be fully aware of who they are. Neither are they aware of who else is behind the energies. We are glad that those that participated offered God’s peace.

For tonight, all that we wanted to say was thank you for participating. We hope that everyone will continue at this same hour through out the week. You will be very well blessed.

Randy: We are just thankful for the opportunity.

TOMAS: : It is we who thank all of you for your efforts. It needs to come from your side. Thank you for gathering together. It is good to see young people involved.

[Ed note: David was with us too].

I will be with you the next time you meet. Good night and have safe travels.

(Good night, Tomas)

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