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CDT13 – Evergreen

2008-03-03  Evergreen/Conifer Co-Creative Design Team, – CDT#13
Evergreen, Colorado
Teacher: Sondjah Melchizedek, Issah

TR: Daniel Raphael

March 3, 2008

SONDJAH: Good evening, this is Sondjah.

Good evening, this is Sondjah.

Group: Good evening.

SONDJAH: It is good to be here with you once again. Let us pick up the thread now of the values that we were discussing last time. You recall that we gave you a distillation of values of life, equality and growth. These are central to designing, developing, and sustaining worlds, civilizations, nations, communities, families and individuals. This evening, we will begin the return of the pendulum to another stroke. This evening I will have you break into sub-teams once again.

We will begin developing the beliefs that emanate from these three core values. You may find it necessary to devise secondary and tertiary values; there is no problem with that. Remember that when you begin this process, there is a cascading effect, so that once you develop a value, beliefs will emanate from it. From beliefs comes expectations, and more expectations for each belief, and then from there you have the criteria of fulfillment, so that one value may cascade down to 20 expectations, and as many criteria for fulfillment. We would like you to keep this very simple to start with. We wish you to begin examining values, and develop them into beliefs and expectations, and then the criteria of fulfillment. You will probably have more than one criterion for each expectation —you may have several.

Now, we must set this into a framework: Values relating to what? You recall that we discussed the 6 paradigms of relationships. We are now going to return to those relationships. Eventually, we will have a complete set of values, beliefs, expectations, and criteria for fulfillment for each of these relationships. Do not anticipate that we will be done in 4 weeks. Anticipate that this would take perhaps a year to do this, at the rate that we are working. Two hours every week is a very small portion of time, necessary to fulfill this. Yet, you will continue to work on this during the week, and you will be writing down your contributions that you will bring back to your sub-team. It would be most advantageous to us if you would meet in groups of no more than 5, and no less than 3 individuals per sub-team. It matters not whether you all work on the same relationship paradigm, or you choose different ones. We are not so much concerned at this point of having all of the paradigms fulfilled, for in the eventuality of our work together, they all will be fulfilled.

You, who are keeping the workbook, will see now where these 6 paradigm relationships are going to be on a chart. Each one will have at least one page. You may have a foldout page and the first relationship is there, you have the values that exist in it, and you may want to add more values to it than just the 3. Then, for this paradigm, you will have the various beliefs that emanate from the values, and then you would have the expectations, and then the criteria of fulfillment. You will see right now, the diagram for this work is all full of holes; we simply have a diagram, with these names and this chart for each paradigm relationship, and these will eventually get filled out. If this team does not fulfill it, then other teams will.

You are in essence, providing a diagram for work of other local teams as they develop. There is no anticipation that this team will fulfill all the requirements, and satisfy all the homework that we will assign to you. This group of 10-12 people would have to meet every day, for 4 hours to fulfill this within the next few months. You would get the hang of it pretty quickly, and you would see that there are replications and duplications that could be filtered into other relationships—this is normal, but it would require a lot of work. What we are doing here in this group is exploratory, developmental, and experiential. We are experiencing with you the dynamics of a working, functional, practical, local Co-Creative Design Team.

It is important that you grasp that, and that your expectations are brought down so that you do not expect great outcomes promptly. This allows us to work with you and to understand your progress, your rate of growth and development and your thinking, so that we can begin applying the principles that we learn in this group, from you and with you, to other local teams throughout the world. We do not anticipate many changes in other teams in this national, cultural structure. You are all of English or Western European descent, you all speak English, you have an understanding of the technology, and the culture and the philosophy, and what is normal from your education/indoctrination in this nation. However, there are sub-groups within this nation, such as the Native American Indians and some of the other cultures and ethnic groups and racial groups that have differences. These would require additional adjustment but in our group, we are providing a grand formula in a developmental manner for all those that come within this nation, and in the Western Hemisphere and Western Europe. Language is not specifically an issue at this point.

Are there questions for now? Is the assignment clear? Is there any confusion, or have I been ambiguous?

Student: Would you read the 6 groups again?

SONDJAH: Certainly. We eventually will publish a workbook for everyone, and we will have these in hand.

  • • There is essentially the procreative couple that comes together knowing that they will beget children.
  • • There is the young couple that decides not to be procreative, but to engage their lives together, without children.
  • • There is the post-children couple—this is the procreative couple at the point where the children have left the nest, and they now must reconstruct their relationship to go on into the future.
  • • There is the relationship of the couple from between age 50 – 70, perhaps, who are engaged in the later stages of their lives, yet still very active and in need of companionship.
  • • Then there is the elderly of 70+, for instance, and it could be younger, until the demise of one partner, where there is a need for companionship.
  • • And Lastly, there is the individual who chooses not to be in an intimate relationship, but who is satisfied to remain single, and a single element in a society and in relationship to society and to themselves.

Other questions? Again, the most productive work that we have seen in your groups occurs within the first 5 to 10 minutes. After that it is a matter of opinionating and sharing and discussing. You get to the point quickly, you are very bright people, you are educated and you have a ready finger to write out your answers and share them. Some of you are even doing this at this point now. So, if there are no further questions, let us then break into sub-teams.

It is our preference that by now you would have established ongoing, working, sub-teams, where you would have at least 3 people, one of whom would want to be a facilitator, to make sure that each person has equal time to discuss and share, and someone who is a recorder, someone who is recording your notes, for these notes will eventually become a part of the workbook—the outline that will be published for each of you. That is another project, one that is on-going from two members, who have volunteered to do that. This will be developmental and will probably not see light of day for a few weeks, if not a few months.

Please be careful in choosing your partners, and we ask that you try to remain in these same sub-teams, in the weeks to come. We will now disperse and return before the end of the half-hour, so that we can collect your thoughts and you can share your thoughts and your ideas, and you may want to keep your notes until next week, when we once again begin this process. Let us now go to the sub-teams.

* * * * * * * * * *

Daniel: Let me interject here first, that Sondjah appears to have closed the session for now, because it’s late and we will pick this up again next week. So rather than have a recap, as it looks like the groups are really doing well, so, when you go back to your teams next time Sondjah will massage that for us, okay?

We have a guest tonight. This is the one who will be helping us … he is not a guest, but will be our regular [mentor]. He came to us while Sherille and I were in San Miguel, Mexico and said that he would be working with us in the TR training. So, we can begin that now.

ISSAH: This is Issah. I am an Archangel and I work directly with Nebadonia, the Mother Spirit of this Local Universe. Your group has specifically requested to begin your training, and this is in concert with your work in the Co-Creative Design Teams, to develop designs for sustaining your world. It is as important to assist the sustainability of the spiritual nature, or the spiritual development, and explore that in your world, during your lifetimes. You will find that the work of Sondjah and the Co-Creative Design Teams—although there is a compassionate, heart-centered orientation to that—it is still very intellectual. You have made it a cerebral enterprise, and whenever you drop into your heart energy, you will find that you will have answers, which your mind could not generate.

The training I will provide to you will assist you in that process. You will see its productivity overlap many areas of your life. This is not an easy task to begin. It is completely heart-centered; it is a process of setting aside your thinking, to use your mind as an instrument, much as the telephone company uses a wire to transmit messages to you. The wire does not care what message comes through it—it simply conveys, transports the message through itself to the receiver, which is you. I transmit through you, you receive it, and it comes through your voice.

I wish you to set aside all your writing instruments and recordings, as this will detract immensely from your capacity to enter into the space that is required for you to function as a TR. This is a completely non-linear activity. It is a multi-dimensional activity; it involves many layers within the morontial realm, which is the next evolutionary step that you will enter into, after your death. This is what you call the “afterlife,” but the morontial is only one phase of the afterlife.

I have been endowed with the capacity to engage with all of you, simultaneously, and each of you individually. Your receptivity depends on you. I am here for you. I have already entered you—each of you, individually. Some of you already hear me within your minds. This is a beginning. Some of you hear me only through your ears; this is a beginning as well. This is a learned process. Rather than having this one, or another, guide you into meditation, I will do so. You will find that even through this mortal’s voice, a resonance, a capacity for frequency will be impregnated into you so that you receive the energy of my being via my “voice” on the inner levels of your mind. There is truly no explanation that we can give you so that you understand this—it simply is. My presence here is one that is energetic. It is also a presence that is true, real, and occupies a space, although it is not a 3-dimensional space.

I speak to you through a mechanism, which is useful to us to speak to you, so you hear us. You have heard of angels having harps, have you not? These actually are instruments for speaking in the tongues of mankind. The angel speaks and the instrument conveys words in your language. It is the “harp” of language; it is a language harp. I do not need that here, for I am speaking through this mortal as an instrument itself. I am here for you, with you, in you, around you. My capacity as an Archangel is immense in your terms, yet it is personal, intimate, caring, compassionate and heartfelt in yourself. As we practice this over the weeks to come—and I do wish to engage this for numerous weeks into the future so that you become acquainted with my voice, with my energy, and that once we begin, you can immediately drop into this state of poise—spiritual poise—where you are balanced; you are even; you are grounded; you are at peace.

The training you have received from meditation is primary to the process of TR’ing. If you are dawdling and dithering in your mind about tomorrow’s activities, or the things you didn’t get done today, or some behavior of your children, or your dogs, or your neighbors—whatever it is—you cannot TR. Do not even attempt to, until you have stilled yourself. In addition, we ask that you not imbibe in any chemicals, such as alcoholic beverages, or any drugs that alter your brain chemistry.

You who are taking anti-depressants will find this to be an enjoyable activity, yet there is an insulated layer in your mind that will be difficult for you to work with. Do not absent yourself from the training because of that. Because, what will occur is that your mind is preparing to enact these instructions and these vibrations, and to be receptive to what I give you later on, when you are no longer on these medications. We neither prescribe, nor do we tell you how to use your medications. This is personal and intimate to your existence, to your balance socially and mentally and emotionally in your life. You must be responsible for your care. We are responsible for your spiritual care, and we are here. You have asked for our assistance, and we are here intimately with you.

Do not worry about your legitimate medications, as I said before. The instructions I give you will prepare you for a time in the future, when you will be most receptive and capable of conveying the messages that come to you and come through you. Be at peace with this process. There are some of you, as well, who are not on medication, who are well balanced and grounded emotionally, yet because of the brain-mind mechanism that you are endowed with, you are unable to meditate, you are unable to still your mind, and you are unable to TR. Again, do not absent yourself from this process, as this is a wonderful time for recreational meditation, if you wish to call it that. Being at peace; being at play with spirit; being at play with us. This for us is a good, fun activity.

There is nothing religious about this; this is the simple application of spiritual dynamics, spiritual principles that you can engage in your life. Be here with us; be present to support the group. Further, we do ask that you remain present. If you are unable to keep your mind still, then focus on a waterfall, a candle or something still, so that you have an acceptance that your thoughts do not roil the peace and the fabric and the texture and service of the energy of the group. Do you understand this?

Student: Yes.

SONDJAH: Thank you. Know that the capacity of the human mind to TR is well known to us. Most minds can do this. It is a skill that can be practiced and embellished and improved over time, with each session of activity. We are hoping that you will do this in your meditations, devoting a portion of your time in meditation to receiving instruction from your spiritual guides, from God within you. This is most helpful to your spiritual growth. I am willing to engage any questions now, as this is quite a linear activity of question and answering. Even my monologue with you now is distracting to some of you, but I will, in the interests of moving ahead, answer two or three brief questions, at this time. If there are none, then let us begin.

Relax your body, as this is the edifice of your spiritual nature. If you are in tension in your body, or emotionally stressed, it is like a building that is confronted by a hurricane—it leans with the wind, it is distressed, it is not working [as] well as it is when it is at rest. Having your body at rest allows the flow of energy, the currents of energy within your body to become even. It allows the harmonic of the meditative state to flow through you, without restriction in your knees, ankles or hips, or anyplace in your body. Be at peace in your emotions. Feel peace. Reflect upon a time or a place, when you were completely at peace. Was it at the beach? A park? Were you sitting under a tree or on a bench? Or simply at home with peace of your surroundings about you? Engage this peace and feel it.

In this training, we are seeking for you to establish anchors along the way, points of reference that you can refer to, as we proceed into the TR state. Knowing how to relax your body and what that feels like, is one of them. Being at peace in your thinking, emotionally, is another. Stilling your mind is another anchor. Being open and receptive, seeing the inflow of energy from the universe come to you, is another. Some of you have the facility to visualize clearly—others of you do not. Some of you do not see a flow, but you feel within you the glow of spirit throughout your whole being, and enfolding you, as a cocoon. Wherever, however, you learn this process, apply it now.

These few moments of repose are our efforts to allow you to examine your inner state, the stillness. Have you ever come in from the cold and to a fire, and you sit there without thinking, without thought, absorbing the glow and the warmth of the fire? This is much as you will be now, without thought, absorbing, embracing the warmth, the presence of the Divine Spirit within you.

Now let us prepare your mind as a new garden. When we come to this state and proceed down this path, and you place the anchors of stillness into it, you also place the statement of intention, like a placard, a signpost along the way. Why are you here? There are many reasons, intentions for doing this. Foremost is growth: Growth to become as a reflection of the spirit within you; a template for perfection; a way of living life peacefully; a process to be open to higher wisdom for yourself, and perhaps to share that wisdom with others in this TR’ing process.

One of the foremost, activating activities you can engage, is to ask a question to fulfill your intention. I offer several examples of simple questions to begin with. For some of you, this is child’s play, but for others, it is the first step, the first question. The first question is: Am I alone? Ask that now in your mind. Be open and receptive to the answer. The second question is: Am I loved? You will find, as you formulate questions on your own, that the answers will come before the question mark appears to your question, for there is an anticipation in the universe by spirit to engage you in your knowing-ness, in your mind, before your words are formulated in your language.

Another question is: Who is with me now? Some of you will hear, “I am your Guardian Angel.” Others of you will hear other names, other orders of beings. Some of you will hear, “I am the God-presence within you.” Do not concern yourself with complex questions at this time. Be open to ask simple, humble, child-like questions, without anticipating the answer, but simply being open to it. Another question may be, “How long have you been with me?” Then, as you develop more complex questions, always strive to ask them in the intuitive manner. You may ask, for instance, “What in me has called you to be with me?” “What is it about my life, my existence, that engages you?” “What can I do to assist your service to my life and to my growth?”

I challenge you now to ask your question, “What are my attributes of strength?” Be open to the answers, children. Be open to receive this guidance, this information, this wisdom. Know that your Guardian and your assistants know you far better than you know yourself. They know what you are made of, and they know what you are not made of. Another question that may seem challenging or difficult to you is: “What are my greatest deficits? What are my greatest needs for growth?” Again, you might ask, “What is it that I can do to assist you to help me grow?” Then reflecting upon your intentions, you will see that your questions have an orientation.

As new TR’s, you are in the growth mode. Being open to TR and submitting yourself to this training is a fast track to your spiritual growth. It requires that you remain completely in the moment, in this “now,” without any consciousness of your presence in the future, or the past—simply now. And even past being in the now, is simply “to be,” without thought of the now—just being—whole, present, open for dialog with spirit. The beginning of TR’ing begins with acceptance that this can happen: Acceptance that you are worthy of receiving this presence; worthy of conveying the wisdom, insights that come through you; that you are capable, and that you are accepted by God, by me, and by the spirits of light out in the universe to do this. We do not care about your past—that is an issue for other spiritual bodies; we are concerned now about the present, for we know that when we engage you, and you engage us now, the future is taken care of.

Now I will offer you a few minutes to engage your conversation within yourself, with your spiritual being, with whom you have an intimate relationship. Take a few more moments to close your conversation. As your spiritual guide to your inner journey, you will find that this experience relaxes you in dimensions in your whole life. You will find that when you return to your daily activities there may be a dissonance, a disharmony, a lack of synchronicity, a lack of harmony, a vibration of unsettledness. You can return to these moments anytime you wish—simply apply yourself to these moments, revisiting your anchors to assist you to engage the stillness and this peaceful place.

We will continue this training into the future. It will be several weeks before we begin to ask you to demonstrate what you have heard. We will do this aloud, with your eyes open and conscious of each other. It will be a reporting of what you have heard. As you are all beings of light, there is equality among all of you. There is no chastisement, no guilt, and no condemnation in any of this activity, about any of your behaviors in the past, or your behaviors now. This is all accepting, and you will find receptivity for your reporting in the days ahead. Now I embrace you individually. I am embracing you all. You oftentimes come together in a group hug. Know that I have my “wings” around all of you at this time. I bless you; I have touched you; I have been with you deeply in your minds. This is not an invasion, which you did not accept, but one that you invited. I look forward to your return to my presence, next week. Good night.

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