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CDT14 – Evergreen

2008-03-10  Evergreen/Conifer CDT, #14
Evergreen, Colorado

Teacher: Sondjah Melchizedek & Issah, an Archangel

TR: Daniel Raphael

March 10, 2008

SONDJAH: Good evening, this is Sondjah.

Group: Welcome.

SONDJAH: Thank you for your welcome. The Teaching Council and I have been reflecting upon the remarkable session you had last week, and your response to Issah’s guidance and participation with your session, with each of you. We will support Issah’s work, as he works with you; we will support your connection with him and with the energy that he brings through.

You have continued to make good progress with the 3 essential values in the development of beliefs and expectations, and the criteria for fulfillment. We appreciate the diagram on the board that one group devised. This is very much akin to what we are working with and have suggested for you. You can apply this to almost any relationship, whether it is personal, intimate or social/societal. They are all related to these core values. You are developing an acquaintanceship with this.

Tonight we will discuss this with you. How to do this, I suppose, is the question, as we wish you to engage each other from your groups in an open forum, guided by myself in the discussion. Last week you were in sub-teams and tonight we would like you to discuss this openly among yourselves in the larger group for a brief period of time before we send you back to your sub-teams. As you hone your work through the dialog that you share in the next few minutes, I will be available to answer any questions you have. I will let this one become conscious and available to you, and then if you have questions, I will come to the forefront to address your questions as best I can. Do you understand, or is this ambiguous?

Group: We understand.

SONDJAH: Thank you. I will now recede and this one will open his eyes. Please dialog among yourselves, between your teams. Thank you.

* * * * * * * * * *

SONDJAH: This is Sondjah. The Teaching Council is here in full. We thank you for your dialog, comments, and sharing among yourselves. It is meaningful to you, and it is as meaningful to us, to hear you find the connections between your [individual] works. We are grateful for your maturity to see the evolution that goes on within your teams, the patience that you express for your team members as they work and struggle through this process of evolution and development.

One aspect that would assist you greatly is to be aware that you are in process — a vitally important aspect of living life as a process, not an end. I will now entertain your questions, as you present them, before we adjourn for Issah’s work.

Sherille: Sondjah, this is Sherille. We’ve been working on values in our teams now, for several weeks. Can you tell us if we are still going in the right direction?

SONDJAH: Yes, most definitely. Your discussions this evening were very valuable to affirm to us that you and we are on the same page. We have repeatedly told you that this is a slow process; it is much like watching your children grow over the years. When you look back, you wonder how did it happen. They are now grown. We missed those wonderful moments as we were sharing them with this child, and now it is past. You will say the same things when our work is completed in the months and years ahead. But yes, we are on the same page, and we are grateful for the discussion tonight.

Student: Thank you.

Sherille: I have a couple of questions from David, a gentleman who couldn’t be here tonight. His first question is: “Once you have experienced some success with TRing, how do you know that you haven’t lost your mind?”

SONDJAH: It is very clear that you have not lost your mind through the assessment criteria of your discernment. You can see from psychiatric works that you are not hallucinating, that you are not devising these things, that you are in a different space, a different consciousness when you TR. It is important that you learn to accept what is coming through, and then judge later. If you judge as you experience TRing, then you have put a stop in the process, and you will not move forward. But alas, I am getting into Issah’s material. The qualifications of sanity and TRing are very distinct. You will know that you are not hallucinating from your own evaluations of this experience, after your TRing has been recorded, you set it aside for several weeks and then listen to it once again. You will be amazed at what came through you.

The sincere, honest, authentic TRing material that comes through you from the sources of light will be most distinct from your own thinking patterns. These will be truly easy to discern as not hallucinatory. On the other hand, if you read them and they are hallucinatory and you cannot tell the difference, you must share the material with a friend or someone who is not hallucinating. This sounds rather bizarre, but this is truly the criterion needed to discern the message. It is important to have effective, true, authentic, genuine TRs who bring through messages that are accurate and highly evolved. It is important that you question your own veracity of what comes through you, so that you are willing to share it with friends and to see if it meets the criteria of truth. Thank you.

Sherille: Thank you. You’ve already answered most of this second question, but I’ll ask it anyway. “How do you know that they won’t lock you in a rubber room, and throw away the key?”

SONDJAH: Most people, who would read the material of truth that comes through you, would discern it as quite distinct from that of an insane person. Insane ramblings are easily distinguished when you have read, examined, and studied them. The insane have the insane capabilities to express that insanity. Those individuals who are deranged or off balance, who are still in your society and TR, those are the ones you need to be careful of. Record their sessions and listen to them, to discern the message. Is there fear? Is there ego? Is there mental derangement? Is there an agenda? Is there a religious or political agenda that needs to be fulfilled? These are the grossest elements/criteria for discerning the message. You will practice this in the future with Issah, as you engage this.

Once again, I caution you and encourage you, not to judge. Listen to the message as it comes through you, so it flows naturally and evenly. Be patient with this process, then discern later. Thank you.

Student: Thank you.

SONDJAH: There are other questions, are there not?

Sheralyn: I had a question with regard to our work as we start to ascend and our gifts start to develop, particularly with the TRing, I have a belief that we need to keep an awareness of all aspects of our mental body, spiritual body, emotional body, physical body, and unless they are in alignment or rather in harmony, then if any one of them isn’t developed, it will create some sort of wobble and an instability, that prevent us from going any further on this spiral of consciousness, and that also relates to having evolved relationships and evolved communities and, and, and….

SONDJAH: Could you ask a succinct question, please? (Much laughter.)

Sheralyn: Well, how do we keep those in line with the rest of them? Because if any one isn’t, then it creates this wobble, and ascension of the spiral consciousness is not possible, evolved relationships…

[Daniel: Are you done?]

Sheralyn: Yes, he asked me to say it again.

[[Daniel: No, asked for a succinct question, a tight question.]]

Sheralyn: And it’s there. I don’t know how else to say it.

Mike: I’ll do it. How do you achieve balance emotionally, spiritually, mentally and physically, so that we can continue to grow?

Sheralyn: Ascend, evolve?

SONDJAH: It is quite simple, and that is to trust the process, the same process as we were discussing earlier about the teams. You must declare your intention for your work, for your life, for the balance of your life to achieve balance between these spheres of energy. It is most important to declare that, to write it out, to desire it, to pray for it, to empower God and God’s beings of light that support you to assist you in the process of growth and balance. There are times when you will be out of balance; use these as part of the lesson to know when you are in balance. It is important for you to learn how to discern these imbalances.

Begin after your intention to question your balance. “Am I in balance mentally? Am I in balance emotionally? Am I in balance spiritually? Am I in balance energetically? Is my mind well developed? Is my body in balance? Are there issues of my brain chemistry, which are [not] in balance?”—All of these affect this grand equation. You can do much for your growth and for your balance by being in “oneness,” in “this moment,” “this now.” This is not a facetious statement, built on what we have heard you discuss earlier this evening.

Truly, the most important place where you can gain balance is to be in your meditations, in stillness, in silence, in the “oneness” with the Divine within you. You have prepared the ground for your balancing by speaking your intention before your meditation. It is simple: If you meditate without an intention, without a purpose, without a coming to the welcome mat of the door with the Divine with a conversation in mind, then you have come empty handed. Go into that space, into that welcome foyer of God’s domain, with a message, with a purpose, with an intention. Then, having been there and spoken it, trust the process of your growing into wholeness. Balance is one thing; wholeness is quite another. They are intimately related; they are two sides of the same coin of growth, of development, of the maturation of your spiritual completion. Your question is most appropriate and timely, and we appreciate it. Do you feel I have left anything out that needs to be covered to answer your question?

Sheralyn: Well, I thank you, Sondjah—I feel you have answered the question as far as the spiritual body is concerned, but not with regard to the other three, but I think I will hold here, if that’s okay, and see if I can verbalize it more succinctly.

SONDJAH: No, I would be willing to entertain the other three areas, if you wish.

Sheralyn: I’m not sure it’s appropriate this evening, time-wise.

SONDJAH: You are correct. Let us wait for another occasion; I would be glad to engage the remainder of your question.

Sheralyn: Thank you.

SONDJAH: Might I say though, that it is important in your spiritual evolution to be emotionally balanced, for the emotional fires of your emotional mind-body connection are the fires under the boiler of your spiritual growth. If you live in anger, if you live in resentment, hostility, envy, greed, lust, jealousy, worry and fear, your spiritual growth will come to nothing. You must come to spiritual balance in the joys of knowing God, in knowing the fullness of your self at peace, and then you will truly grow. These are the first steps of spiritual growth: to come to emotional balance, to become conscious of your emotional imbalance, and seek consciously, and deliberately, intentionally to come to balance and peace, to create solutions for your unhappiness, rather than trying to resolve the problems of your unhappiness. I will stop with that, then.

Are there other questions, others would like to ask? Do you have a further question unrelated to this area?

Student: Not at this time, thank you.

SONDJAH: I will step aside for Issah, who is anxiously—if an Archangel can be anxious—to assist you this evening. (Giggling in the background.)

[[Daniel: Issah—he’s so big!]]

ISSAH: Good evening, this is Issah.

Group: Good evening.

ISSAH: It is a pleasure to be here with you. Tonight we will re-engage that field of energy, that field of stillness, that quivering pool of light that surrounds you, fills you. Let us begin to re-establish the anchors of stillness that we practiced last week. This is a time for the inner journey, a time for listening in preparation for you to TR. As the angelic being involved in this training, I have also appreciated your conversations, your discussion of process, your discussion of consciousness, your discussions of growth and balance.

The training that we are presenting to you is multi-leveled, multi-dimensional in your minds. We are addressing energies within your body, your emotional sphere, your minds, your brains, and your spiritual existence, your spiritual consciousness, its maturity. We address all of these. As we take you into the inner realms, you will more and more become aware of your imbalances. You may be uncomfortable with your immaturity, your lack of focus, your lack of release, [of] always holding on, [but] be patient with yourselves—you truly are children of light.

You are in the process of growing into mature beings of light, and this is part of the journey. At least you recognize your imbalance, your immaturity, your undeveloped self. Recognize that, accept it, embrace it, and then release it to God, and ask for growth, wholeness, and balance. I will now leave a space of stillness in these following moments for you to do those very things. This is an essential part of your connection to truth, love, and to wholeness.

Take a few more moments, please.

Now, let us begin. As you journey, some of you will hear more quickly, sooner than others. Those of you, who do not hear, do not worry about this. Do not denigrate or belittle yourself, for then you have cemented in place your incapacity to take this on. Remember, you are loved, you are whole, you are complete, you are in the process of becoming whole and complete. Know that any imperfections are simply temporary, that through your dedication, commitment and intentions, you are becoming whole. Through our assistance, this will become a rapid process.

Now, still those four realms of your existence: Begin with your body, please. Release all those tensions, tense muscles; release your tongue that talks so much; release your eyebrows that have been furrowed so much, and your leg muscles that are so prepared to run. Be at peace. Be in this moment. Be in this now. Think of a time when you were embraced, cared for, supported, loved, nurtured, where you could rest in the bosom, the cradle, the lap of someone who loved you, cared for you, nurtured you, who let you sleep there, peacefully, without a care in the world. Remember a time when you had that experience or something similar to that. Know that you now are resting in the bosom of the Creator. You are resting in my embrace of peace, of love. I enfold you. I surround you. You and I are “one.” I support you in these moments, totally and completely. Know that your emotional sphere is at rest, at peace.

Your mind is still. There is nothing that you need to think about; nothing you need to prepare for. Everything is taken care of in this moment, right now. All that remains is your spiritual self. You are standing in the palm of God’s hand; the light is all around you. Now invite that presence around you, which may be the Creator, may be Christ Michael, Jesus. It may be your guardian angel—it may be your most hallowed teacher. Invite that being, that person, that energy, to be with you now.

Some of you may visualize yourself, extending your hand that is open, waiting to be grasped by their hand. It may be an embrace; it may be their presence looking you straight in the face. Express how you feel in their presence and ask them to speak with you.

If no one is there, wait in anticipation, knowing that you are in company of the Divine and angelic.

Ask any question you wish to.

Now, ask for assistance to return to this space, this place, this moment, this connection with the Divine, with the angelic. Ask them for assistance to bring you to this space, quickly, easily—wherever that may be. And ask this question:

“What do I need to do, to assist you to have contact with me?”

You may take another minute or so and then I will bring you back to the center.

As you begin the process of coming back to consciousness, take your time and do it with an intention of finding your way back, back to this place of peace, to this connection. You have laid the lines of communication with your beings of light that care for you and love you, who wish to have a conscious relationship with you. Leave these lines of communication open.

Now, simply become aware of your presence now, in this moment. As you practice this, you will come away from these moments, still connected, still in touch, still part of that thread connected to the Divine space within you. You will have an easier way back; the connections will be permanent. This is the beginning of a permanent connection between yourself and the Divine, for the rest of your infinite career. You will want to maintain that connection, that line that you can follow back so easily. Visualize and energize that now.

You will be using this line again to bring you to this position, this connection, this space more rapidly in the future. As you feel it, sense it, know it, perceive it, you will be able to re-unite almost instantaneously anywhere you travel or live. Now, please bring your focus and your intention to the center of the group, and open your eyes slowly. Be in this repose for a time; appreciate the glow…it is like a grand hug, embrace, or kiss, something that you remember that lingers with you, on and on, something that you want to re-enact, remember, re-engage, again and again in the future.

I will withdraw from you through this one at this point, but remain in your company. I would like you to discuss your experiences during this time, if they are not too private for you. This is not an obligation, simply a request if you are available to do so. Thank you.

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