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CDT15 – Evergreen

2008-03-17  Evergreen/Conifer Co-Creative Design Team, – CDT#15
Evergreen, Colorado

Celestial Teachers:
Sondjah Melchizedek
Archangel Issah

TR: Daniel Raphael

March 17, 2008

SONDJAH: It is good to be here again, thank you for your attendance, thank you for your diligence to be here.

We have said before, and we say again that the work that you are doing here in this group is foundational for all the Design Teams and Working Teams that will be coming into existence in the months and years ahead around your world. You do not realize now how important your presence is here, to us, to the future generations, to those who will use your notes and your minutes, these transcriptions of our work, to help them proceed. You are making their work so much easier. You may not realize it, but you are an important facet of the future. Your willingness to be here is a dedication to the future. You have made a commitment to create a future, which is different than the past, one that is helpful, positive, constructive, useful and sustainable.

You will find before long that you perhaps may be in conflict with your established religious institutions, because of your participation here. It will be something that we have foreseen, that we anticipate, though we as celestials, as spiritual beings, will not have to live out the conflicts that you may feel. We hope that your education here, your training, makes your transitions easier, as you move ahead. You have, in other words, made a commitment to the future, to a new way of thinking, and so this is sometimes abrupt and edgy, on edge for those who are still in the old way of thinking.

This evening, we will continue what we began last time. I will explain what we will do, and then I would like to take a few minutes for you to share what you did last time, before we break into the sub-teams. What we will be doing tonight is to turn your tablets of edge, so that you are looking at a landscape picture, rather than a portrait-size picture. I would like you to divide your paper into four columns: The first column would be values, and in that column would be secondary or tertiary values. You would then have a column for beliefs, and then one for intentions/expectations. The last column would be the criteria for the requisite required behaviors that support these values, beliefs, expectations and intentions, so that you actively and consciously work to fulfill what you have set out to is in agreement.

We have found in listening to and watching many, many people on your planet—and other planets—that there is a great disharmony between what people believe, what they say, and what they do. There is often a great disconnect between all of that. For your world to become sustainable, these must come into agreement as much as possible in what you value, believe, expect, and what you say and what you do. When you have consistency in your lives, your life will become far easier, less stressful. When there is no ambiguity of belief, but that your beliefs are true and faithful, and they serve you, and there are no turn-a-rounds or turn-a-bouts that frustrate you or cause you to disbelieve what you are doing, then you are able to have a fluid, continuous relationship with your beliefs and their expressions in your daily lives. Are these instructions clear?

Group: Yes.

SONDJAH: Thank you.

Now, I will step back and we would like you to discuss what you did last week, if there are any things to discuss, and if there are not, then we will release you to your sub-teams, to begin examining these four columns of activity, relevant to the relationship paradigm that you are working on. I wish to tell you too, that we are using the relationships purposefully for enhanced and improved relationships in your personal lives. We are also using these as examples for later work that you will be doing. You may not have realized it yet, but the values that you are working with for relationships will be virtually the same as they are for a sustainable healthcare system, or an educational system. There will be sub-sets of beliefs and values that come from and derive from that, which are peculiar or particular for this other area, so we are beginning with relationships, and then later on, we will be branching out to the educational system and healthcare, and even to economies and so on.

I now recede from the group and wish you to discuss what you did last week, and assess how you want to proceed. Thank you.

* * * * * * * * * * * *

Daniel: This is Daniel. Please assume the same meditative position and posture and space that you had when Sondjah began talking to us. Please relax yourself and prepare for Issah’s arrival, his presence and his discussions with us.

ISSAH: Good evening, this is Issah.

Group: Good evening.

ISSAH: It is a pleasure to be here with you, once again. Tonight we are going to explore the facets of consciousness. You have an energy anchor here among you; you have formed a Merkabah. What you may not appreciate is that a Merkabah provides for an empowered shared consciousness; it is a shared space of consciousness where you participate as equals, without fear. You feel safe, you become empowered, and you participate effectively at the level of your mortal competence and the breadth and depth of your consciousness. When you are in this space, you must be cognizant that you and everything that you bring with you, is shared. If you have fears, you bring them along and they are shared. If you have resistance or disbelief or feel unsafe and are in fear, you share that—that is here with us.

Now, this is not an impractical position to be in; it is very common; it is very normal, as you are experiencing new levels of consciousness, social participation with others, with whom you are not too well acquainted, but whom you trust to be on the same par with yourself. You are joining together in a new experience, though you do not know everyone that well, so you may have some resistance, you may bring a fear with you. You may be afraid of the unknown, for truly, when we are in this state, and when it deepens, it can become a state of “altered consciousness.” This is natural; it is without drugs; it is a facet of your own consciousness, your own growth, your own development, part of an experience which you will share in your life, one that we hope you will want to express and develop and share all the rest of your life. And so, you enter into this meditative state on your own, but around you, you are in a shared space of consciousness.

Now you—if you were curious—would ask, “How do we soften this? How do we ameliorate this? How do we dissolve our fears? How do we enhance our union, so that the best is shared, rather than the fears or the resistances are shared?” One simple way of doing this that has been practiced by the monastic cults and shamanic practitioners for millennia is through chanting, drumming, and “OMing” for examples. You enter into this vibrational state, come to peace, with a lack of conscious thinking, just releasing yourself to the moment, to this space, enjoying it and becoming one with it, if you are able to do so.

So tonight, we will do that. We will do this briefly, but one of these evenings, I would like to take you on a journey of your “shamanic” history, your “shamanic” past, your traditions that you have had to do this for 5, 10, 15 minutes, and release yourself to the vibration. When I speak of “vibration,” it is the same “vibration of oneness” in the universe that is the “vibration of love.” Your scientists have discovered what they call “the echo of the Big Bang.” We do not hear this, but we see it, as an effervescent, ever-present light, evenly spread across the infinite universe that you live in. This is the light of God, the Creator, which brought this all into existence.

Your scientists hear it as a background noise, a vibration in the ethers, as you would say, but we see it as a light. It is an ambient light around us that is always present. For those who are new to the afterlife, they wonder about this, but soon they are instructed and told what it truly is, and that this is the eminence, the very eminence of the Creator in expression, in creation. And so, this vibration is one you would always want to emulate in your life; it is an aspect of creation. When you create in love, you express love and light to the universe that is new, and so creation is a wonderful facet of your own mortality. Enjoy it when you can; revel in it as often as you can.

I will guide you through this one, in the OM’ing. We will do the “OM,” as you know it, and do not breathe together, but take turns. When you run out of breath, take another breath and begin OMing again. When you hear this one stop, then you may cease if you wish, and all will come to stillness. I will proceed with our instructions tonight. This is fundamental of tonight’s lesson: To be in stillness, to be in light and to be in harmony, to be in oneness with your fellow brothers and sisters, to be in harmony energetically. This is truly the essence of what we are striving to achieve tonight. I will begin, and once again breathe when you need to breathe, so that everybody does not breathe together and become self-conscious. We would not want that to occur.

[Period of OM’ing takes place.]

This is very brief in its expression, but it does bring in oneness. Eventually, when we practice this, you will also enter into forgetfulness. You, as beginners doing the OMing, feel self-conscious, your throats are constricted, you feel nervous and self-aware. This is a natural part of the process; one that disappears after one practices it for many minutes. When you are at ease and at peace, you are simply expressing this sound in your throat, which resonates in your body. This resonates too, in the whole group, and this is the essence of bringing oneness to everyone, in a state of consciousness. This is an energetic exercise; it is one that assists you to become “even” in your emotional energies, as well as your physical energies, and your social energies and your spiritual energies. It is important that you be at ease and at peace, when you are in meditation. You will one day, know how to meditate and OM at the same time; you will do both unconsciously—and I mean that quite sincerely—you will be most unconscious or unaware that you are meditating, that you are in the OMing process; you will be at peace.

Therefore, we have taken you through the leveling process, to ensure that your energies are harmonious and even, across the board in the group. We, in this short time, know that your energies are much different than they were before you began. For some of you, your heart rates are much slower, and you blood pressure is lower as well. Your respiration may be elevated, but there is uniformity in your breath that gives you peace.

I will now lead you into another aspect, or another part of preparing to TR, to channel, and that is to become more and more centered in yourself. Do not be offended or fearful of the phrase of self-hypnosis, as this is what most people do when they become very comfortable with meditating day-after-day-after-day-after-day, year-after year, that the entering that space, peacefully, quickly, silently—and even hopefully—knowing that they will be at peace, very soon. They take the anchors that we have been teaching you, and apply them spontaneously to the moment, in their meditations, so that they are able to release themselves into meditation very quickly.

I will do this with you tonight, slowly and peacefully. There is nothing to fear; there are not auto-suggestions going to be given to you, to do anything wrong or inappropriate. You are loved. Your consciousness is a hallowed expression of God, in God’s light as a mortal. We would not denigrate your presence with these commands, which are illegitimate in your lives. You are loved; you are appreciated; you are one with the universe, and being one, we know that you are part of ourselves as well.

Now, begin to breathe evenly; relax yourselves. Feel yourselves sink into your chair. Place your hands so that you are comfortable. As you relax, it is as though you have sunk into your chair a bit more; you are at peace. You may want to feel, recall, an historic moment in your life when you were so deeply at peace, at rest. You are in that moment, right now. You are feeling stillness in yourself and all around you.

Now, let go and go a little bit deeper. You are entering into that hallowed space of the quiet closet that Jesus spoke of, that meeting place between your self and God, where you experience its presence within you. You are now feeling at harmony and peace, in this moment, this space. You begin to become aware that you are not alone. You are aware that you are in the presence of a magnificent, safe, presence. You feel a kinship with this presence, a familiarity that you recall from the past. Sometimes, this is a wordless sharing of a moment with your intimate spiritual Friend and Companion.

Sometimes, it is the brief sharing of a loving word that comforts you. Know that you have always been a part of this presence; know that it has always been present in your life, that it has always been with you, and that these moments are a time of reunion, a time of embracement, moments of shared joy; feelings of being home, being truly cared for, knowing that your highest aspirations for your life have already been anticipated, and are ready for you to accept. The only thing left to do is to accept that presence; then you begin to have a conscious relationship. Listen in these moments at how you are appreciated and loved. Any questions you have, now ask them; the answers are readily available for you, personally.

Now, we will begin our journey back. I want you to remain in this steady state of embrace, love, and of the presence. You are slowly moving as a balloon, through the air, slowly upward to the present moment. Maintain this reverie, this composure, which you have attained. Bring this peace with you, knowing that you are still—and continue to be—in the presence of the one who has always loved you. This may take several minutes for you to rise to the surface of this moment here, in this room, for you have journeyed far, far into the inner reaches of your consciousness, where your Beloved loves you, has always resided there, waiting for you. Bring back this companionship, “helping hands,” if you wish, to call it that.

[Note: Issah’s voice is calm, soft and very reassuring, with appropriate pauses between sentences, to carry out his instructions in an unhurried manner. He is a Master at teaching this technique of meditation/stillness.]

Daniel: This is Daniel. Now when we come back to the moment, the presence here among us, the social presence, you don’t have to leave the company of your Beloved teacher, God, or whoever it is to you, but to bring that with you into this moment. It’s a very similar place and space

[Note from Daniel: Everyone was so “spaced out,” relaxed and so utterly silent that nothing happened after these moments!

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