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CRV6- Stillness, Abundance, Mansion Worlds

1992-11-13-Stillness, Abundance, Mansion Worlds
Corvalis #6


• 1 Heading
o 1.1 Topic: Stillness, Abundance
o 1.2 Group: Corvallis TeaM
• 2 Facilitators
o 2.1 Teacher: LinEl
o 2.2 TR: Thea Hardy
• 3 Session
o 3.1 Opening
o 3.2 Lesson
o 3.3 Dialogue
 3.3.1 Stillness
 3.3.2 Prediction
 3.3.3 Transmitting
 3.3.4 Emotion, Mansion Worlds
o 3.4 Closing

Topic: Stillness, Abundance
Group: Corvallis TeaM
Teacher: LinEl
TR: Thea Hardy


LIN-EL: The love of God surrounds you. The love of God enriches you and gives you peace. Wherever you are, He is. Greetings, I am LinEL. I am your teacher. I am delighted to be here with all of you tonight for our first personal visit together. I am thrilled that I have been chosen to be your teacher.


LIN-EL:  You are all doing very well. Better than you know and we have many adventures awaiting us. You will find in time that this will no longer be peculiar. It will become comfortable. I am pleased to hear you sharing together your experiences. This is part of what we wish to do.I know we are all anticipating great future events when Michael will be among us and many exciting things to learn. However, I would like to say for tonight that we need to remember the focus is on love. By this I mean, the heart of this mission is to live the religion of Michael as he practiced on this planet. This means to love the Father, to feel the Father’s love for you and to become a channel of that live in your lives. This is the most important part of this mission.

I am pleased to see so many of you tonight. I have spent time with you during the week and I know you are excited about these circumstances. Please feel free to discuss your experiences with all of this together, as this will help you to proceed. I am willing to answer a few questions this evening before I go. Does anyone have a question?


Barbara: Good evening LinEL, this is Barbara. I think one of the reasons for my being a part of this mission is to be the first one to ask questions because I’ll do it. In the discussion about the quiet time there was a lot of focus on the love of the Father as it is felt by various of us during the times that we set aside for that. One of the things realized, I just realized tonight, I don’t have a good experience in feeling loved. I believe the Father loves me and I know there are people on this planet who love me, but I don’t feel that. Do you have suggestions for how to overcome that particular kind of feeling and how to allow myself to feel the love that I know surrounds me?

LIN-EL: Barbara, this is one of the major reasons why seeking the Father is so fundamental, particularly among those of you who have suffered from family disorders.

There are many on this planet who did not receive the love in their childhood that makes coming to the Father more natural. The silence is your special opportunity to spend time embraced by the Father’s love. I can tell you that if you continue on this path and try to open your heart to Him, it will come in time that you can receive this. It is always more difficult when your early experiences have deprived you of that feeling of being loved because you learn responses that make accepting love more difficult throughout your life. There are many of you who will have noticed you have difficulty accepting love not only from the Father but from each other. This practice of silence when continued will heal this and you will be able to receive and give love more freely. Does this help?

Barbara: Yes, thank you.

Julie: LinEL, I am Julie and I do have a question. My question is on abundance. I understand there is an abundance of love, joy, peace and a lot of other things through the Father and through our other spiritual friends. I understand we have an abundance of these things as well. My question is, is this something we have to learn to bring out of us. I don’t know how to ask the question. I am hoping you can pop into my mind and know what I am asking. Do you know?

LIN-EL: Yes Julie. Welcome. I enjoyed Abigail’s lesson on abundance very much. I understand your question. Abundance is an attitude. This is both easy and difficult. We try to explain on levels you can comprehend, however, there are many things that are difficult. There is always more than enough in the universe of love, of goodness, of joy, but it requires that your attitude believes in these possibilities. It is difficult to perceive just how many blessings are available when your minds are occupied with fear, with thoughts of scarcity.

I know this is difficult to imagine, but it is like a corner you can turn abruptly if you come to recognize that your attitude brings in the abundance and makes it begin to flow through you, through your life. Let me try to explain. When you perceive that the Father loves you and all things are available to you and you’ve then acted upon that faith-I place particular emphasis here on the word act-when you act upon that faith, it is as if you have drawn upon a siphon. Once the siphon has begun to flow through your faith choice, there is an unlimited amount that can come. Your individual action to choose abundance also helps and influences those around you in their attempt to choose abundance. This is one of the ways in which we assist each other. I would like you to tell me if you would want more specific clarification.

Julie: I think I am okay but I am going to think about it further.

LIN-EL: This is not an easy process for Thea. She is having some difficulty. I would ask her to relax. Please ask again if you wish.
Julie: I am okay right now thank you.


Terry: We wish to welcome you tonight LinEL. We are delighted that you are with us. This is . . . a question concerning a quote in the Urantia Book about another coming even greater than John (170:5.19). I was wondering if that phraseology or that particular quote is in reference to the Urantia Book or perhaps maybe even this mission that brings you here tonight.

LIN-EL: Greetings Terry. We are part of a larger mission which includes the gift of the Urantia Book to this planet, our teaching mission, the incarnation of Machiventa and the eventual incarnation of Michael. It is acceptable to perceive this quote a referring to this entire time when such great changes are occurring in your realm. We are helping to fulfill such promises. You will see much of what will come to pass. Is this sufficient?

Terry: It is.

LIN-EL: Thank you Terry.


Mark: How much of your own personality and the personalities of the teachers come through in these transmission, in the papers and the tapes?

LIN-EL: Hello Mark. This is an interesting question. I am glad you have asked. You will find many times we do not answer questions you do not ask. I would encourage you therefore to ask many questions. Our process if communicating through receivers is definitely a collaboration. You will find our personality and you will also find that of the receiver. In this sense we are working together as a unit. This is what makes it both effective and somewhat troublesome.

We have been instructed to use those thoughts and concepts of the receiver which are in the receiver’s mind unless they are not adequate to our purpose. Therefore, you will hear sometimes strange interruptions as we try in this partnership to work together. Never the less, I think you will discern my personality and those of other teachers, especially those of you who have known the receivers for long times.

This is an exciting adventure for us all to be working together with you. Remember we are anxious for all of you who wish so to participate of this process. This is part of why we are encouraged by your discussion because as you each come into your own receivership you will go through many of the same things. When you first hear our voices-hear is not exactly the correct word – you will not be able to distinguish from your own mind; however as time passes, you will learn to recognize our thoughts and feelings and reactions more readily. In time, our natures will become quite clear and you will know us even when we are expressed through different persons. Thank you for the opportunity to express this process Mark. Thea is tired, could we have perhaps one more brief question?

Emotion, Mansion Worlds

Barbara: Hi LinEL, this is Barbara again. I just got to know. A few people feel some of the negative emotions that we feel here. Are you still bothered by anger, fear, grief, pain, those kinds of things?

LIN-EL: Thank you for your questions Barbara. This is not exactly the same on our realm. In our realm we have emotional reactions that are troublesome but they are not as yours. We do not experience fear or anger in the kinds of ways you imagine, nevertheless, we still do have difficulties sometimes working with one another due to learning diverse perspectives on reality.
We also still suffer from a degree of what you would call impatience. And we do certainly make mistakes. Fusing with one’s Thought Adjuster does not mean that one is thereby perfect. Therefore, we do have what one would call emotions that require training, perfecting, but it is not like the intense negativity you experience on your world at this time. Remember also that Urantia status has made the negative quantity and quality of your feelings much more intense than on normal worlds.


LIN-EL:  I am very pleased to speak to all of you tonight, to have you here. We are looking forward to working with you. Please understand that it will take some time for this process to become natural, both for Thea and certainly for all the rest of you. I would encourage you to talk with each other this week, to always feel free to ask questions. Do not worry if they seem disrespectful, as long as you are desirous of knowing this is no problem. I will look forward very much to meeting with you again next Friday. I will spend time with you during the week. I am coming to know and love you all. And please remember you are doing far better than you may think. Remember also the Father’s love is always with you. Michael himself knows of your group and is pleased with your progress. You will in time receive a message from him. Please love each other and I will return.

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