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DTX26- Dallas Collection Part 2-Session 26

1993-08-19-Dallas Collection Part 2-Session 26
Dallas TX #26


o 1.1 Topic: Love Teachers
o 1.2 Group: Dallas TeaM
• 2 Facilitators
o 2.1 Teachers: Anastacia, Ordon
o 2.2 TR: Jeannie George

Topic: Love Teachers
Group: Dallas TeaM
Teachers: Anastacia, Ordon, Machiventa
TR: Jeannie George

Anastacia & Ordon8-19-93 August 19 1993
Lesson 26

Be friendly be wise but reach out to others in the world.
So it is on your world that discretion is the key to your safety when you reach out to others. We above all want you to be safe and happy. Our group here nears the completion of our work of your wishes. Twist not our words. We are not leaving you nor disbanding our group. No, we are here to teach you as you go about teaching others. Let our words be stated clearly in your mind that we are here for you in this capacity.

We need now to take up a task to work on. Lessons are enlightenment and are to be put into practice as you are willingly able to give them to others.
We see the time arriving that you will not be content to contain these lessons/enlightenment inside. You are seeing the need to start sharing to other groups or maybe in your immediate neighborhoods in a more concentrated movement. You are busy with your duties. We see this is true of each one. How then can you share to a greater degree than before? How can you reach more people than before?

It is often that we see you delving into different topics to study and we often wish that you would consider seriously studying the life of Jesus especially in his life that was spent as a teacher. You are able to see then how an effective teacher goes about his work each day of life as you go about your life. You will encounter many situational circumstances that will allow you to blend your knowledge with the Master’s way of teaching. Yes, it encompasses much that could be put into practice immediately.

Also it is ready enlightenment that you have already in your possession. Do you see what we speak of here? Please allow us to speak with you in your Monday night meeting if you are agreeable. Of course this is our request. We see you are becoming acquainted with us and as spoken of before we are grateful for this. You are not so awestruck but are beginning to treat us in a more normal casual way. This means that we are completing what we have come here to teach.
We are your friends and cohorts in this work. You do respect our words and use them.

Yes we feel that you are comfortable around us and are placing more important and useful questions before us. This is as was planned and you haven’t asked but few questions that we term only to satisfy the curiosity. Now for the present time we have much more enlightenment that you do not possess in the UBook. There is much we can teach you. There is much left out of the UBook about the daily routine the daily living.

We have heard you comment on this awareness yourselves. Is this not so? And yet much is suggested for the astute reader to glean from Urantia Papers. We are here to place emphasis on these ever gentle suggestions that many may pass over. You are our students and you know we place great emphasis on giving and willingly passing love to others. We ask you each to consciously put this idea into the very core of your being into your heart into your mind and let it saturate your soul.

Love can bring you happiness when applied and gently handed to each soul that you meet. Words are not always needed but the feelings can pass between two people and they are aware that they received something of value. Do you agree? Time is not always allotted to you in which to speak of higher values to others. So in all your dealings with others place the love factor above all else and let love flow from your heart.

Let the diamond sparkle with light into their God within. Let the Father help you turn someone into a loving person by extending to them the passing forth of loving thoughts. Do you see what we are speaking about here? Be gentle with yourselves and with others by mentally asking the Father’s or Michael’s presence to walk along with you as you go forth in his honor. As we have said before stop and wait if things develop that aren’t loving. You will accomplish more if you learn this practical habit of backing off with some words that tell the other person that with a moment of quiet we will then proceed forward with love that will benefit us both. You can speak to your loved ones with these words as they indeed know you are in a group that is intended to teach spiritual procedures. Your loved ones will benefit too if you speak of the process of letting love dominate your every action.

You are this love dominated person now and you are willing to act and speak of the benefits and blessings that are derived from living such a life. So many of your fellow men are searching for the very love that you have experienced and know for a certainty that you won’t be without it.Love has been topic in the songs you sing and has been the subject of many of your how-to books. Love comes to the person who gives it to others. That is believing in the mercy principle. Mercy is applied love. Your guests family your neighbors your fellow men are seeking to have love applied to them.

They are weary from worry and needless maddening experiences that they live through now. Put love in the path of all that you can and your life will be enriched a thousand-fold. You are the blessed ones who know and you are the ones to give the Father’s love to each person one by one. How can you be the gentle person that you are and yet manage to get along with most of your fellows? Is this a question that needs to be addressed in the group? How can you be the gentle person who shows love when others do not appear to respond? How do you act then? Do you allow others to be rude to you continually? Do you allow others to treat you with hateful spite? What can you do in circumstances as these? What is this person saying about themselves when they act so unpleasantly? Do they need help? Are they asking for help?

Love is the answer. But can you stand up for yourself assertively and be loving too? Ask us these questions. Take advantage of our time together and ask your questions that truly concern you about real life circumstances that you face each day. Life is life. Problems arise that are not pleasant to handle. Things happen to nice people but can they be handled with love and with self assurance that will enable others to take responsibility for their own actions? Who will take up this topic? Do the research necessary from your known resources and present it to the group.

This is a topic that will reappear again and again in your groups until you have addressed it thoroughly and so that each person is schooled with the correct way to act. In assurance of knowledge-reason you will receive faith-insight answers. Each question will have an answer. Each action will lead you to another question but you will know for a certainty what to do. This will prove valuable in setting up your groups and allowing order to be the tone of your meetings. Each one of you can see that you are responsible for your own actions. Each one of you can see that you each one can be more responsible for the greatest order of good to come from your meetings.

We ask you to look again at the time available to us to speak in your meeting and we ask again to help you in your lessons. To speak with you while you discuss the lessons after you have read them and you are concluding what is valuable for you. May we suggest then that you read the lessons on Sunday and have a exercise with them so you can place these words into your consciousness? Words can be learned and retained in the mind but experience will be the test to put the information into practice. Knowing and experiencing something are two entirely different opposites.

Give yourself time to really learn what we talk about in the lessons. Many of you are indeed trying and seriously taking our words to heart but time will become your friend in really experiencing what we are talking about. Yes you do have to experience something to really possess it in your soul. Can you help us help you more fully? We see you each going about your life and enjoying the growth that has come from our work together. You have grown spiritually from our being together. So we are speaking of being willing to take more responsibility for the group by being more open to sharing more of your talents.

As also we see that each one could indeed be a spokesperson for conducting the meetings. Only a few have taken up this responsibility. If you indeed take a turn at conducting the meetings you will understand what the moderator goes through to lead the group in an orderly fashion. Also if you take your turn leading you will understand the fairness in allowing time for each person to have their time to speak. Let us help you adjust more quickly to change. Let us be with you when you ask these questions. We are certainly amiable to these questions that will greatly benefit you and many others. Your lessons when mailed out to other groups will be received with wonder and love. So let us ask again for your mailings to begin for your questions to begin on questions that will change your life toward a more gentle manner and toward love as the flame of life to be expressed in all that you do. We are positive that you want these similar blessings that we value as well.

You need not worry that you are not asking the right questions but you can be sure if you are asking the questions that greatly change your life. Now we will ask you again to begin to feast on life in the brightness and liveliness of really living. Take the risks in the Father’s love. Step forward learn as you share and you will have questions galore for us that are from your own experience. You live each day and you learn that your life needs to be adjusted to the Father’s will. These adjustments will formulate into new patterns; and when new patterns begin to shape your very actions you see the need for more help. Of course the Father waits for these questions too. He is ever near you and of you. When you share you learning experiences with the group they see too. They benefit from your sharing. We ask of you to be the person who will share out what you have learned and what you need to proceed forward now. Many of you are shy about talking about your growth.

Many of you are not aware of what you are learning but so many of you do insist that learning be like the wind that blows each day. You take up the task of teaching because you want to assist others in the best way for you and in doing this you see much. Sharing teaches you so much. Sharing teaches you about loving deeds. Sharing teaches you that you want to act no other way but in love.

Duties call you each day but love remains something that is your choice to share. Be with us more and you will see the beauty of living. Beauty in living comes from sharing the best within you. You will have all that you can handle if you allow us to assist you grow each day. In order for growth to occur you must be the willing learner. You must be the one to ask for the necessary help. Your life becomes more beautiful as you believe that help is available and you have faith that the Father waits for this request from you. If you direct God to always help you grow each day in his love then yes it will be so.
Now for the closing statements:

Our love is near you always too. Each day your personal teachers walk the walk that you take in your life. They are with you no matter what happens. Yes they are there by your side. This help continues as long as you want it to. You are not sure sometimes if your personal teachers are about you. Test situations by silently asking them to assist you and you will then have more power added to your work. Do you see why it can be said that your work will produce more for you have so much more help than before.

You see the benefits but do you see this manpower as precious? It is something to be used. Use your time to benefit your teachers also. Think about this too. Dear students we love you with all our might. Your work in the Father’s name has been noted. You are making a difference. Be proud and be humble that this is so.

Have faith and let us emphasize the word faith. Faith takes you forward at a safe speed but you can be assured that you will be going forward. Trusting the Father’s will as your will because he knows best is to have the faith that he does know all and he does know the best way to proceed. You are only as great as the faith you have in the Father.

It is here that we see the group needs an urging to include your faith in the thinking you do each day. Remind yourself that faith can help solve problems by knowing and trusting that when you do your part the Father will do his part. It is this mutual trust in this arrangement that your group needs the gentle reminder. Adjust your mind to the Father’s by accepting his daily help. And how do you do this?

When you set your mind’s will to this adjustment in your thinking. Trust the Father will help trust the Father’s knowledge trust in his ability to be ever present to see the need. Be sure when you set your faith in the Father as something that is there available you will live on still another higher plane. The best road to tread is living in the Father’s love and you have the faith to know that this is true. This is a concept that you have to experience day in and day out. You will see the beauty in having this faith. Now let us close and the Father’s blessing be with you as you direct your will to his. Your teachers Anastacia and Ordon.

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