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DTX27- Dallas Collection Part 2-Session 27

1993-09-13-Dallas Collection Part 2-Session 27
Dallas TX #27


o 1.1 Topic: Love Teachers
o 1.2 Group: Dallas TeaM
• 2 Facilitators
o 2.1 Teachers: Anastacia, Ordon
o 2.2 TR: Jeannie George

Topic: Love Teachers
Group: Dallas TeaM
Teachers: Anastacia, Ordon, Machiventa
TR: Jeannie George

Anastacia & Ordon9-13-93 September 13 1993
Lesson 27

The call to God.
Let us begin to trust the Father in a greater way than before. Let us rejoice that you are able to allow the Father to be with you in all that transpires in your life. You have all that is needed to open the door for him to address you in a more intimate way. Ask the Father for ideas so that you can get closer to him. Your wish to be closer to the Father is always something that the Father wishes too. How can you get closer to God? We ask each one of you to make a list and bring it to the meeting. Keep your lessons together and available for these meetings.

Bring them with you. You never know when you will need them. We suggest that you have a notebook to write in also. Keep your recorded thoughts about the lessons in this notebook so that you can look and actually see your thoughts and your questions so that you can bring them to us for answering. They will be recorded and ready for use in our evenings with you. We shall refer to this notebook as your workbook about the lessons. Record your work on each lesson and do something extra.

One suggestion would be to research some one of the concepts for your own benefit. Enlarge your knowledge on a topic you are interested in. You will then see your growth mount higher and your relationship with the Father become closer. When you keep in mind that the main idea of this mission and your lessons is to get closer to the Father you will again maintain this focus as the main topic of your thoughts. Not only will you become more familiar with the Father but you will automatically reach to others to share and to question your fellows about their ideas that they may have researched. This will begin to show your interest in a greater way than before. Each person has personal topics about certain subjects that will accommodate and be of interest to all other members. Your work is just now beginning.

You are seeing that you enjoy the work and it now appears to us that it isn’t work anymore but something that you desire above all else. It could now be labeled as your wishes. Can it be called a hobby? What will you call investing your time in searching for the Father’s answers?

It is more than a hobby and it isn’t work but can it be called something that you will to happen? Oh dear children it is our wish that you come up with a good name for this search that you are pursuing as the very core of your being. It is more than survival. It is for your very existence in the temporal world. And once you have started on your way it will be; there is no stopping it from happening. Could it be named your call to God ?Each of you is calling to the Father for his help and for his love.

You each seek to know the Father better and you ask for his guidance in your everyday life. The Father hears your calls and he answers. Yes the Father truly does answer you in some way. Each one receives an answer.

Look to be aware of the answers. How will you be aware of answers if you aren’t aware of getting/receiving them. Watch and you will see that this is very true. Each one has the ability to receive from the Father. His answers come to you the answers filter down to your mind. Take up these answers and use them.
The Father awaits with anticipation while you take these answers out to experience them in your life. Nothing is real until you have thoroughly experienced it. It is yours when this happens. Your truth is encased in your very soul. The call to God goes out and you receive. Then you place this information before your fellows.

You show others how to see this truth in their life. By the way you live by your words by your feelings these are expressions of what you know of what you are. Proof is in the way you are. Come to the Father quietly and with joyful song. In this love you will see that the Father stays near and answers your calls in some manner. You can believe and trust the Father’s answers. Diligently you respond to the Father’s words by dealing with the issues that confuse you and so now you have expanded your spiritual growth. Your growth leads you along. Each time you receive an answer and you put the answer into action you will have verification that this cycle of calling on the Father to talk about your needs can be trusted.

Call forth the best in you from the Father when you take the answer out to others and use it in your life. Be alert to hear the answers. Stay in the flow of love with God. Trust his words and live on this level by flowing into the deeds of love the Father himself wishes you to take up. Wisdom accumulates as you listen to the Father and YOU ANSWER HIS CALLS. You are putting into action a system of intercommunication. Briefly let us caution you to allow common sense and reason to authenticate the answers from God.

In reasonableness you will be assured that God has given to you something of value. We don’t expect you to accept something that you would recognize as not for you or not being true. We trust your discretion in this matter. Calling to the Father for your answers will set up a two-way communication as your recognition of the Father’s voice becomes clearer. His voice will no longer be distant that distant echo it will be clearer.

Have faith in the Father’s wishes that touch your mind by continually listening to his ideas as they filter down to you. In the Father’s love you will know what to do. In the Father’s love you live a more directly guided existence. In the Father’s love your heart will be of gladness. In the Father’s love you will flow into the right action or you will ask of yourself: How could I have better executed that transaction? Stay in the fluid love of eternal thanksgiving. Stay centered in the Father’s love. Stay wisely in the Father’s love which will lead ever upward. In all your rightfulness of Supreme potential choose what you would know of as Michael’s way. Your heart may be right but your thoughts/reason may not be accurate.

We realize mostly that your hearts are beginning to find love to share and we also notice that your interpersonal skills are increasing. These two combinations are very powerful as you hone in on love as the highest way to act. Love knows the way. It always acts graciously and with fairness for all concerned. Yes this includes acting for the highest good in behalf of your own welfare as well. We are not speaking of selfishness but fairness for all. How you would treat another is very often how you would treat yourself. Or do you allow others to walk over you but you give them mercy and love? Can the Father help remedy this situation? Let the Spirit of Truth breathe life into the correct way to proceed. How did Michael handle situations as these? Bring to the forefront of your mind all ideas on this topic and ask us your questions all ideas that your mind brings forward.

Dear children blessed be the ones who walk forward with Jesus by their side. Then questions will come forth. These are the questions that we desire to answer for you. You will encounter many people of different cultures and values throughout your life so therefore you will become more tolerant of others’ ways. So in learning to deal with so many different people of unusual thinking you need to be equipped with many interpersonal skills which will serve you well. You will realize that this training of which we speak here will enhance your verbal skills as well as building your self-confidence.

To walk with your brothers and sisters with self-assurance and with love entails studying and experiencing these concepts first hand. Who will motivate you to take these steps forward? In your higher developmental knowledge you will gladly be the one to step into these habits of taking time to develop more skills to share with your fellowmen. Your motivational energies will produce all the yearnings of will power that you will need to acquire to accomplish these sharings.

In other words your desires are enough to carry you inward as you seek to actualize the truth outwardly. Being sincere as a student as continually you teach what you acquire corrects needless behavior. The good pushes out the unsuccessful techniques that bring forth unnecessary reactions in others. What are we talking about here? We are referring to only adding to what someone knows but never trying to take concepts away. Barriers never develop between two people if you apply all the workable truth that you know. Much of your knowledge is kept in reserve for a rainy day or it’sjust truth that you know. We ask you to bring out all that you hold in your mind as workable ideas to be used.

Face the truth accept our words. For in realizing that you have much truth to use your mind will bring up these ideas for consideration. Some knowledge you keep in the back of your mind because you aren’t sure how to apply it in real life situations. Let us help you look outward to your actions. This is a proof of your inward life. Your intentions are sincere and worthy. We praise these qualities.

We the teachers will assist you to see yourself as you really are. Allow us to be with you personally more often and address these questions to your personal teachers. They are here primarily to help you individually to grow and progress under their loving tutelage. These personal teachers will show you the way in adding to your knowledge and by doing this they will be taking you directly into the spiritual life of an active participant who can willingly produce the fruits of the spirit.

As Jesus said ‘By their fruits you shall know them’. And this is the key to outward signs of spiritual growth. Besides these signs there will be a noticeable difference in the person’s outlook. Specifically speaking extended tolerance to others is one of the most noticeable delightful changes that occur by living in the Father’s love. Duty then becomes more a willful expression of love as you can act no other way. You delight to be the Father’s partner in his suggestions of the best way to go.

The First Source and Center can only act in love. His way will show you the goodness that can be expressed in beauty. All love is of the Eternal Father. His satisfaction comes into full power as you too have satisfaction in discovering that your will is best matched to the brother of all Michael’s will. In peace of heart and mind you see that Michael’s wishes are for all to live in love. This will happen sooner than you think it will. Keep hope in your sight as you listen each day to the media on your planet. Keep your sights and keep your minds stayed on him who made you. God truly loves and cares about each one of his children. He desires that you all shall be safe and sure in his arms of comfort and assurance that all is well in the universe. That his words are true.

Peace shall come to your world and shall be a beautiful sight to behold. We all are here to make these hopes and desires come forth in fruitful loving acts of all who desire to participate actively in Michael’s mission for peace. Shall we begin with you our group of students? Yes you have distinctively witnessed this happening in only a short allotted time span. Yes you have been an eye witness. Does this not prove that it is possible? Does this not serve you well as you share with the many persons with whom you come into contact? Think about what we say and take these ideas out into the world.

Spread these ideas instead of accepting fear that comes from hearing of many acts of violence. Yes we completely trust you will not take up the fear but many of your fellow men do not have a personal relationship with the fearless inner guide your Father. This idea alone will help change the world. Yes! If one group can come to terms in peaceful pursuits then all can happen in like manner. Think in terms of potentials becoming realities.

Dear daughters and sons of Michael believe that ALL is possible with God. Think in potentials. See potentials of another as being closer and nearer to eventuating in the near future instead of so far away. Think practical but also in potentials. This can be tricky but nevertheless truthful. Stop seeing potentials as far away. Some potentials are in the budding stage and are just not quite realized in this moment. We don’t look to the distance because we believe that now potentials are waiting to be used to be expressed. This revised picture of others will encourage and lure you the observer to see in the three dimensional. That is seeing the good intentions of the person seeing the abilities of the person and seeing how these two combined can reach into rightful action potential for growth.

When someone expects the best from you what happens? In their eyes you will look at yourself differently. And too you see the best in yourself. When someone looks for the best in you what happens? You live up to their expectations! So you might say to another then: You may be having a confusion attack now but I can see you as a person who is willing to work through to clarity.

Thus you have great enthusiasm to grow. You might see the person who is selfish as a person with the potential for showing great kindnesses to others as they are acutely aware of how to treat themselves. Turn your sight around taking the undesirable as tomorrow’s potential good. You will be seeing the budding potential that is about to emerge to appear. If someone is there to encourage this new seed to flourish and take root it more likely will happen. What would you have for yourself?

Then do this to others. Surprise your fellows; see the best that you can see as you observe them going about their everyday living. Let the lessons begin to slow down and let us have a review of all transcripts. Read our words to you. Read our words to you and let’s talk about them. In love of the Father and in Michael’s love we all are blessed in this goodness. Anastacia your teacher of love.

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