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DTX28- Self Acting Adjusters

1999-01-24-Self Acting Adjusters
Dallas TX #28


o 1.1 Topic: Self Acting Adjusters
o 1.2 Group: Dallas TeaM
• 2 Facilitators
o 2.1 Teacher: Anastacia, Welmek, Zelda
o 2.2 TR: Unknown
• 3 Session
o 3.1 Opening
o 3.2 Dialogue
 3.2.1 Teaching Mission, Thought Adjusters
 3.2.2 Stillness
 3.2.3 Teacher Contact
o 3.3 Closing

Topic: Self Acting Adjusters
Group: Dallas TeaM
Teacher: Anastacia, Welmek, Zelda
TR: Unknown

(Opening prayer by Jim Foster)

Paradise Father of fathers, we thank you for this opportunity to visit with our friends, seen and unseen. We ask for your guidance, and we ask that we be able to discern your will more fully. But most important of all, Father, we ask that we be able to bask in the love light of our sovereign creator, Christ Michael, so that we may pass this light on to others in our daily lives. In loving service, we pray. Amen.

ANASTACIA: Welcome. It’s so good to be here again. Thank you , Jim, for the lovely prayer, and also for all the hearts that are open here today. I’m Anastacia and an old friend of many of the people here in the room today. Again, it’s always, always, so pleasurable for me to be here. I send my love to each of you and encourage you all to just sit quietly and relax and allow us to speak to you and with you. I

t is not magic, it is not something that you can, you should be afraid of or concern yourself about, and you are all familiar with the process. So at this time, perhaps, just a little lighten up and we hope that this can be an enlightening and fun experience and one that perhaps will create an ongoing or resurgence, if you will, of some of the contact and some of the conversations that we have had in the past through various groups as well as the ongoing daily interactions that we have with many of you. You all have your teachers and are all here for a specific reason, each of you a different reason, but with a central core, with a central desire.

Having said that I would at this time, open the floor to questions, because I do think there are a few of you who would like to ask something. We will all take time and spend time with you. We hope there is no time frame here today. Is there anyone at this time who wants to ask a question?

Teaching Mission, Thought Adjusters

J: I’ll ask one. The mission. Talk about the purpose of the mission, the purposes of the missions. One thing it’s done for us is reinforce our truths, that we talk about the truth (words unclear) . . . . The next thing is that what the mission has done is that it has awakened a lot of people, not just Urantia readers. The next thing is that it has made…people have received personal answers to questions, which makes it more endearing and more important. Are you still with me?


J: Okay. Then, I was reading about the Thought Adjuster and it says that few mortals were able to handle self-acting adjusters, but measures were being taken to help with that, and I wondered if the mission was one of these measures.

ANASTACIA:  Definitely. As you have said, there are many avenues of contact that are being employed at this time in many different ways, under many guises. And the overall mission for us is for you to have more personal contact with your Thought Adjuster, and with Michael and our Father. It is an encouragement, if you will, or a way of our reaching you on a more personal level. It is as you have said before, not surprising. It is not something we should be in awe of , but the world is in awe of this type of communication.

Even within your own group and others that you know, it still has a mystique around it, or a feeling of “is it really real?” and this is something which we are here to help overcome and to spread from above in a gentle energy. The connection that is there, the connection is there through your Thought Adjuster, and to help you to be more comfortable and more accepting of this process.

It is really something that is your birthright and is who you are, and who you will become, and yet on this planet that has been lost to a great degree, that concept. The mission is here to help bring that understanding back, and yes we are contacting many beings in many different ways, and many of the writings that you are reading and the movies you are seeing and the happenings that you are hearing about are a result of this increased contact. Many people who even experience this will not or do not put it in this frame. They do not even experience it perhaps, as a teacher speaking to them or guidance, and yet the words and the thoughts are there. So that there are many who are participating who are not even aware of it in this sense.

But your Thought Adjuster is always with you and is the most direct contact that you have to the Father. It is he/she/it, however it is that you conceive of this connection, however you experience it, it is you. It is who you are becoming; and if you can daily and hourly connect and become one in your own understanding, in your own spirit, and mind and heart, and accept that, it will help you to grow. It will help the connection to become stronger and enhance your understanding and awareness.

J: I (words lost)

ANASTACIA: I think at this point, again, I would encourage you to be comfortable and have this more of an open discussion than an audience if you will. We really encourage that, always, and it is always difficult for people to do that. So perhaps this is one of the things that I would like to share today, to be more comfortable and relaxed and it’s really not a big deal. If you can put that in that feeling, it will help us and it will help you all to open the channels more. I would like now to pass this along to another teacher who will speak to you, perhaps on the same subject, perhaps something different.

ZELDA: Greetings. I am Zelda, your teacher, sister. I, like Anastasia, am also delighted to be here. I have no specific agenda planned; but the table is open for discussion. If there are any questions, please feel free to ask. Or perhaps someone could start the topic of a discussion, or perhaps we could sit in stillness, for that is one of my main focuses, along with other teachers, is the importance of stillness, to connect with Father on a constant daily basis to help improve your spiritual insight and awareness.

D: Zelda, I suppose we could talk from now to doomsday about the Supreme Being, but is there anything you can tell us that would help us understand what our contributions are to the Supreme Being and how as we work to become more like working in God’s will, we can also connect (?) to the Supreme?

ZELDA: Your contributions are your own personal perceptions of the Supreme Being. There is nothing really that I can tell you. It’s an experiential process, unfolding before you. The Father in all his magnificent ways is always there for you. Perhaps you will find the answers by looking within.. Does this help?

D: It’s always that looking within. I’ll work on it.

ZELDA: Now I might add that any one of you is able to do this transmitting/receiving process. We, your teachers, have been working with you and if the desire is there, you will indeed be assisted. This process is meant for those who are balanced in humility without heavy egos, and who, like yourselves, desire to do the Father’s will. Those involved in this teaching mission will be ably assisted if their heart desires to do so. If there are no more questions, I will step down from the podium, so to speak, and allow the next teacher.

WELMEK: Good afternoon, my friends, this is Welmek. I must tell you that I have really been so pleased to be present at such a gathering, for some of you have come quite a way to join us here in Dallas today. We welcome you, and we look to the future, that these meetings, this sharing among all of us, teachers and students alike, will become a regular feature.

It is especially exciting to me because all of you are such serious truth seekers. There is a difference between looking for answers and seeking the truth; for the request for an answer indicates that you’re looking for something from the outside. But truth is always from the inside. Your experience with truth will come from your own inner experience in your relationship to your Adjuster. This is where you take the words that you have heard, the ideas that your mind has processed and come up with the truth in your own living experience.

Never forget that in being a truth seeker, you must ultimately go within. The answers are inside of you in the form of your Adjuster; and your relationship with the Adjuster is going to be the single most important factor in your discovery and experience of, truth. How do you know when it’s true? How do you know that you have experienced truth, that you are, in fact growing in your knowledge thereof? And I would put it to you to judge any and all of these experiences by how much you love; for in the universe, love is the ultimate truth.

Before we go on with more questions, I would ask, are there any more teachers present today who wish to speak? Are there any TRs who are willing to let them speak through you?
(At this point, Mark Austin felt moved to tune us all together as we joined in the stillness. He played some beautiful accompaniment on the piano as we meditated. When the tape picked up again, Anastasia was speaking.)

ANASTACIA:   And your mind is (words muffled) . .an essential part of the combination, the mixture, but it is a part, not all; so that the mind, body, spirit who is …it is very difficult for me to explain this.

J: So then, Anastasia, is this the essence of being a mortal, just enjoying life, to explore, you are where you are? Is that when the Thought Adjuster is trying to make a morontia counterpart of your physical life?

ANASTACIA:  Yes, definitely, because he is your connection with God, with the higher energy.
That is the spark. That is the spark, when you get one of those “aha”s or you get one of those “oh I’m sure” types of situations, let’s say an unpleasant situation or a problem or something that you worry about and you think about it, then there comes a point where you either surrender or you can suddenly get an insight or an understanding of something from a totally different perspective than you’ve ever had before. Or suddenly you understand something that is so obvious and so simple that you almost have to laugh at yourself that it took you so long to get this. I think it’s happened to all of us.
And (?) mentioned ego and if you loosen up your ego, isn’t it oftentimes really about you, what you think or how it should be or all the ego pouring into thinking that we all do. Isn’t that when the “aha” comes; suddenly you’re past all that?

J: Well, I was just thinking that sometimes you think you don’t do anything, you know, “I’m not doing anything.” If you think you’re in a slower position, growing wise, and you’re happy, well, that’s it.

ANASTACIA: That’s right.

J: So I’m doing stuff and I don’t even know I’m doing it.


J: Good Lord, is that it? I’m real pleased I’ve been doing something.

ANASTACIA: Again, it sounds so simple, but don’t we all make it so difficult at times.
(Someone else spoke here, but the words were so soft, they were impossible to decipher.)


R: I have found the practice of stillness to be frustrating. For the last few years, I’ve been trying to just rid (?) my life, try to be the person I want to be, a good person, less judgment in me, more accepting of people, more readily surrendering and letting go, trying not to get too worked up over things. And my biggest commitment in my life right now is my baby. I feel excited and challenged by the idea of being not a (?) parent but a good parent and raising him to be…my goal is to raise him to adulthood where he doesn’t have to spend the next 15 years getting over his childhood. I think about God, give him credit for my life (words lost) but a lot of times I’m just sort of living for each day, trying to be a good person, a high-minded person (words lost) and I find the practice of stillness to be frustrating and I don’t make the effort at it right now.

WELMEK: Can I ask you why you find it frustrating? What is frustrating to you about it?

R: Having my thoughts run rampant. As soon as I sit still I start thinking about the past and the future. I find it hard to quiet my thoughts and sit quietly. But when I’m actually doing things, especially things that don’t involve your full concentration, I can spend plenty of time without thinking about the past or the future if I’m partly engaged in something, something a little mechanical. And I’m never quite sure if I got a handle on what meditation actually is. When I’ve tended to do it I sit there with thoughts (words lost).

D: I use something like repeating something like “My father, I open my heart to you, please come into my heart.” And I just keep repeating that till the time comes when I don’t have to say it anymore. And when I do, I’m at that place where I am quiet. But I can’t dream. (Words lost) I do it before I go to sleep, but I have the most wonderful dreams.

WELMEK: I was about to suggest just this: when Linda first began attempting to meditate, to find the stillness, it was suggested to her that at those moments when she was just prior to sleep, that she consciously ask the Adjuster to, I suppose you would say, get to work. This is not quite the stillness as the teachers teach it, which I’ll get to in a moment. But she has since said, that this conscious turning over of herself to the Adjuster brought immediate rewards because you are then entering a state of first, semi-consciousness, and then as you drift into the unconsciousness of sleep, it does give your Adjuster some time to work with you. And you have actively requested that it be so. The Adjuster appears to be able to work more efficiently when you move from passively accepting his presence to actively asking for his services. Do you understand now?

R: Yes, I do, in fact, as soon as you said that (inaudible) . .I really felt the recognition (inaudible)

WELMEK: The reason that the teachers ask that you attempt the stillness, to quiet the mind in a conscious state, is simply that at those moments it makes it somewhat easier, shall we say, for the Adjuster to..not for the Adjuster to perform so to speak but for those ideas, those inspirations that have been planted in your superconscious to penetrate into your conscious mind. It helps to speed things up, in a manner of speaking. But what matters most is your seeking the active participation of your Adjuster rather than passively accepting it.

R: That is an idea that I feel (inaudible) with me. What is the difference between an idea being in your consciousness and being who you are; because I’m sure I’m not unique in that I know lots of good things, outstanding things, regarding physical health and mental health, good living, facts about God and the Urantia Book. But why is it we just pick and choose what we actually do physically and how we actually use our will to command our thoughts and our minds and our hearts (inaudible). If it’s just a matter of having the idea in your head, well I have a whole lot of ideas right now that have a lot of potential…(inaudible).

WELMEK: Your will comes into action when you choose to do a specific thing, but the control of the over-all selection and direction of you is within your personality which is the uniting factor that weaves together your mind, your body and your spirit under a specific personality pattern. Many people have the same ideas, but they each express those ideas according to the unique qualities of their own personalities, their own endowments of mind and spirit.
When you say “Who am I?” look to how you are expressing yourself. This will give you an idea, perhaps, of a pattern to your personality. You are unique. Do not expect to measure yourself with anyone else. Does this help?

R: Yes, it does. I’ll go back and get a copy of this answer from the tape, so I can re-read it. Is there anything with the changing millennium as far as the teaching mission activities are (inaudible) general hysteria in popular culture (inaudible)..perceptions.

WELMEK: From our personal viewpoint, no. We are here to spread truth. In moments of panic, people tend to drift away from the spiritual. It will perhaps, retard spiritual development, or delay it for the moment. Those who triumph over unnecessary anxiety and fear and live in faith through these unsettling times will advance spiritually in their own faith-growth.
When tempted to be afraid, to listen to those who look to the future in fear, remember to step out in faith.

R: Thank you.

Teacher Contact

WELMEK:Some of you have traveled such a distance today, I think Anastasia’s question a while ago might be considered. Is there perhaps a (inaudible). Is there a question in your mind, a difficulty that you are having, that you might ask one of the teachers present to help you with? When you came to this meeting today, did you have something in mind to ask? If so, we’re here to help you.

D: Welmek, it seems you’re talking about me. It certainly feels like it. I seem to have some kind of hang-up about contacting a teacher, and I don’t know if it’s because I’m supposed to or if there’s something I need to work out so I can get that fear behind me so I can go on and get a teacher. I’m in a constant state of confusion. On the one hand, I feel good about where I’m at, but on the other I keep thinking, I’m missing out on something here (inaudible). Is there anything you can say that can help me?

WELMEK: We have dealt with this problem now for some time. There are so many of you, who love us, who want to hear from us, who want your own personal teacher. And yet, there is a hesitation at the last moment. We have found the reasons to be quite varied. One moment please . . . .
I wanted Linda’s permission to describe what happened in her case, for she too, gave me a problem in the beginning. When the mission first began in Indianapolis, we were working with quite a number of the group there in an attempt to establish contact.

And I was extremely troubled because she wanted very much to hear a teacher, to hear me, specifically, and yet the only teachers who seemed to be able to make any contact at all, not full contact, but some, were female teachers. And I could not understand why she stopped totally at contact with male teachers. It wasn’t until she overcame it and understood why. And it was through an insight, this is not true of everyone, but in her case, she says, it was because she had a fear of being dominated by a male teacher. Each person’s reasons are different. In her case, she decided to consciously let go of that fear, and two days later she heard me for the first time.

It would help in your case to understand what stops you. Are you worried that a teacher might come to know you better than you wish to be known? Are you concerned that in co-operating with your teacher you will be asked to do something that you do not wish to do, that you’re not ready yet to do, to grow in new ways that are perhaps frightening to you? It has been our experience that it is usually something of this nature that holds people back.

There is also a concern frequently that we invade your mind in some way; and this upsets people and rightfully so. But, we do not invade, we communicate with. Your thoughts, your personal thoughts are entirely your own. You need never be afraid that a teacher will read your mind of any thought you do not wish to share. You can be assured that the teacher will love you and will help you to grow in whatever direction you choose and at the speed you choose.

I would suggest that you think these things over. Know that you are safe with the teachers. So often humans, we have found, have a sense of having been wounded in the past and being afraid therefore to let themselves go, so to speak, with another person. But you need have no fear whatsoever of a teacher. Do you understand?

D: Yes, and I think I may, after listening to you, know what the problem is. I don’t want anyone to come in between me and my relationship with my Thought Adjuster. I don’t want an intermediary. I want my (inaudible).

WELMEK: Then let me make this clear. We do not come between you and your Adjuster. If we wanted to, we could not. That is a divinely ordained arrangement. Our purpose is to help you to come closer to your own Adjuster. You see when you are in constant contact with your Adjuster, you will no longer need us to even help you in any way. We are urging you, in the primary focus of the mission, to the stillness practice, physically to contact your own Adjuster. We have no (tape turned) enhance that relationship. The stillness is one way, and companionship of a teacher can be very comforting, to know that someone is working with you, encouraging you to know your Adjuster better, to understand divine love, to feel it and to express it to your fellows. But never, never be afraid of a teacher.

ANASTACIA: We really encourage you to think of it more as a best friend, the person you feel the most comfortable with . you can really talk to and tell someone how you feel. And there have been suggested many different ways to break down this barrier, this fear of connection. I do believe that even if you think you are okay with the idea, there is still a fear of the unknown, in your (?) of a situation.

One very helpful way is to write, have a journal or just take a piece of paper and write a question, think of a question, anything, it doesn’t matter what, just something, a question of some kind and then just see what comes out. Just start writing, don’t worry about where the thoughts are coming from, or if it’s your own ideas or whatever, but you’re opening yourself up to our being able to communicate a little bit more with you.

Again, it doesn’t matter. I think many of you are, especially in the beginning, don’t know how to get started. It’s the hardest part, truly trusting, “Is it me or Memorex” type of feeling. It doesn’t matter because even if you can prove it’s your own higher self speaking to you, is that bad? Is there anything wrong with getting in touch with your higher self, with the God-self within you, with your Thought Adjuster perhaps, or your spiritual self, giving yourself time. And that’s why the stillness is so important.

But again, I emphasize that the stillness can be found in many ways. It can be experienced in more than one way, so that if by writing this helps, by going for a walk, whatever it is for you to feel comfortable and at peace, calmness and peace; and if you are resistant to or uncomfortable with sitting and trying to be still, try other things, try other (?). Swimming laps is an incredible way to meditate.

So you see that’s what we’re encouraging you to open up to and also if you have a friend, especially the people from Oklahoma, if two of you, two people sit down together and just try. The hardest part for most people in transmitting is the fear. You’re on stage. People are listening. So if you can be with someone you feel very comfortable with and just play-act and have fun with it. That’s (?) started out. It doesn’t have to be heavy and dramatic. You can have fun and laugh and giggle and we like to laugh and giggle too. We urge you to relax about the whole process.

M: Talking about that too, I’ll speak to a couple of things. If you have achieved that stillness through (?) the same exact one. I saw that notebook. It works great because since I had my child I haven’t been able to practice much stillness. If you achieve that state, then you’re there. You can already do it. It’s just whatever your block is, is of course your problem.

D: It’s my block that’s the problem. I journal and I do that beautifully without a problem.

M: I have a lot better time talking to my teacher in my head, in my own time, by myself without having to be on stage. It’s more comfortable, easy, and it’s a good relationship now. Also, in terms of stillness, one thing that hasn’t been mentioned is that sound has power. I also use this mantra with just saying “God”; and I’ve recently heard it said that in every religion “Ah” is the sound of God, God, Yahweh Jehovah. Music is a powerful tool. Just as we use all twelve keys, it’s a tune-up process. I’ve heard the teachers say that even our cells oscillate at a certain frequency; so oftentimes just saying something, just like that mantra, will tune your body. Just “a-a-ah”. It works for me. It focuses. And sound has power because it’s literal waves of energy and we are this physical mechanism, you know.

D: And music is a language.

M: Yes, it’s universal. Without getting into a long story, I just talked to a friend last night that recently has taken a trip to Japan and walked in a Japanese flute place and was one of the only Americans that had walked in that could actually play one of them. So a lady invited him to take this lesson, which he did, but she didn’t show up and she was the interpreter. And so he said it was a classical, silver-headed Japanese guy, sat on a little mat and they had the lesson without even being able to converse with one another. Anyway, I just wanted to throw that in there. That helps me through the stillness.
I would also say too, that what I’ve enjoyed most about it, and especially the beginning of this thing, was the group energy of the stillness. Since I’ve been meditating in groups lately, I’m getting a lot of the group energy.

D: I’ve felt that as well, many times.
(Mark then began to play music as we meditated together.

Mark: I hear this person – Azel, this person is an observer and is quite engaged in this get-together and new to this whole . Hasn’t ever been here..quite astonished and wishes to acknowledge our Parent. It’s also as if there’s no like, willingness is a really big deal, and faith, are universe qualities that we can’t understand now, but that to others we lean (?) with a peculiar tongue. Nothing more to be said. Just an acknowledgment of the extreme universe potentiality and realizes that he’s not quite sure what to say or how to say it. But thanks (muffled).

R: I’d like to say welcome to Azel . .(muffled)

L: Has she spoken before?

Mark: Never spoken through a person.

L: And yet she has a communion with you. Could she tell us anything about herself through you?

Mark: She came here by it seems like it wouldn’t make any sense to say..whatI get is from far away.

J: Like another superuniverse?

Mark:, that’s not what I feel. I get a real feeling of confusion on how to explain it.

L: Is she a fused ascender as so many of the teachers are? Or is she perhaps a different universe being?

Mark: Different order of being. And is really light kind of feeling, light kind of, it’s not a big energy thing, like a lot of times I guess. It’s kind of light and airy and very easy to feel. Perfectly willing to take questions.

L: What does she think is the most important thing we’ve (?) today here?

Mark: The experience. She points our attention to the obvious, which is so often overlooked, as we’ve spoken earlier. The wall of perception denies our true grasp of our universe citizenship, and, she said something and then changed her mind in mid-sentence. It’s almost like it’s funny but it’s not. She says that it’s hard for us to be able to truly grasp our universe citizenship, that that is the condition here. That’s what amazes her in fact the fact that we’re here, that folks have driven from a long way to get here. It’s kind of funny too, she’s really come a long way. But that was the initial start of the conversation. That’s it really, just amazing. And she says that very early on, we will, too, be amazed at where we’ve come from and bids us a nice journey.

L: Well, thank her and I hope she comes back soon.

R: When you were searching for words, I had an image in my mind of this (?) trying to speak through a person. I had an image in my mind of (?) the first time you do, you need to practice.

S: She’s having problems just like we have problems. It’s just the same thing except that we’re feeling for her, and I think that’s part of it. For me it was anyway. It’s a part of getting over the weirdness of it, no matter how much you hear everybody’s doing it and all that, it’s still very .

D: And I thought everybody was supposed to sit and talk like you guys do, until Jim went to Tennessee this last year. And he brought back the tape of the TR for Abraham?..and he did just one word at a time. That made me realize it’s difficult sometimes for them as well as us.

S: It can be difficult for us, also, it’s just different for everyone.

D: The way our brain is constructed.

R: Actually, I find Ham through Rebecca as slow as molasses, but it’s perfect. It’s like when it’s out there isn’t an extra word there. I really admire that.
(Conversation about TRs and teachers, much of it undecipherable)

R: Does Welmek have something to say.

L: I think he just wants to close.


WELMEK: This is Welmek. Again, I would like to thank all of you for coming. Before we separate to go our different ways again, I would like us all to pray together once more to close this session. This time, let each hold the hand of the people on either side. And what I would like to do is to begin the prayer and then as we move around the circle towards my left, have each person add to this group prayer that we have for the Father.

Father in heaven, we your children come to you today with love and trust. In our prayer we ask that we, in each moment, be aware of you in our lives, especially for those who struggle with feeling the presence of your divine love. May each of us today leave this meeting filled with your love for ourselves, and allow it to flow through each of us to everyone with whom we come in contact.

(At this point, each person offered their own prayer in turn. Many were inaudible, and so not repeated.
J: Thank you for golden moments like these Father and especially for your son, Michael of Nebadon, in whose name we pray. Amen.

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