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DTX3- Dallas Collection Part 1-Session 3

1993-03-16-Dallas Collection Part 1-Session 3
Dallas TX #3


o 1.1 Topic: Love Teachers
o 1.2 Group: Dallas TeaM
• 2 Facilitators
o 2.1 Teachers: Anastacia, Ordon
o 2.2 TR: Jeannie George

Topic: Love Teachers
Group: Dallas TeaM
Teachers: Anastacia, Ordon
TR: Jeannie George

Session 3
Anastacia & Ordon 3-16-93
Lesson 3

Think about it stand up speak up for the Father. You are each the proposed teachers of the lessons on love and we see that you are hesitating about this projection of energy. Be not dismayed for in your time each will know how to participate in this flow of love naturally and freely. Start by noticing less of the lower ways of your associates. Direct your thoughts to their goodness idealism their habits that produce JOY for you. Put your concentration here. If understanding your fellow workers hasn’t moved you to love try something else. Not only bless them but resort to counting their blessings.

Yes look at their blessings the work they do that is so beneficial to you and others; look at their own private blessings from God’s potentials and enlarge on these. This is a helpful hint we learned from members of your very own group. Be glad that you can take a positive action for this will endure for you another step to service of loving and enjoying your fellow men in a deeper way. You are sincerely trying. Grump around and stomp your feet if you have to; then get busy because the experiencing of giving love little kindnesses to others takes continual usage to be habitual.

The procedure for getting you to this next level of growth will greatly attune you in a new balanced and invigorating way. Your faith act of adjusting your mind to accept help so you can release these unnecessary habits that don’t serve you nor help you progress. Give them up and look to the more efficient productive methods that will inch you slowly forward. Be creative PLEASE?


Be at peace and ENJOY loving your fellow men more. It is easy and more rewarding than grumbling around. Loving is not harmful will not deplete energy will actually uplift your spirits and you will feel as if and you have accomplished something of value. Accept yourself. Love those parts of you that get in the way of the goal. Resisting only delays and helps it to persist. Acknowledge this and next time you will give a little more. When you get into the effective way of pleasing in your thinking you are on your way as effective. Just acknowledge this and go forth again.

It is that simple. Look forward to the road of service where many opportunities will be for you to give. When you tilt off balance adjust and go forward again. It is okay to discuss these titlings look at the unsuccessful results. Knowing and dwelling on unsuccessful results are two different matters. Assess and clean up your messes.

Take action make things right again. The quicker the better for then you don’t shift out of the Father’s love. (You save yourself some work here by bypassing the self-forgiveness stage. )By continually moving into this flow of the Father’s love you activate the energy charge that is most powerful. Love comes freely to you from the Father’s goodness. He loves you SO MUCH. This is what compels you to share this love. It can’t be contained so give it to others. Stay in the movement of love. This flowing love has no end. Love keeps extending into larger circles. It ripples outward and upward back to God who is the center of love. Rejoice because you are loveable. Keep your attention focused on the positive methods. And YES you will notice.

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