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DTX4- Dallas Collection Part 1-Session 4

1993-03-17-Dallas Collection Part 1-Session 4
Dallas TX #4


o 1.1 Topic: Love Teachers
o 1.2 Group: Dallas TeaM
• 2 Facilitators
o 2.1 Teachers: Anastacia
o 2.2 TR: Jeannie George

Topic: Love Teachers
Group: Dallas TeaM
Teachers: Anastacia
TR: Jeannie George

Session 4
Anastacia & Ordon 3-17-93
Lesson 4

Dear Children: I would. . . above over that I will do for you as teacher I would show you love. Above all other things I would show you love. Love is what rules the universe. It is the power force that unites us together in our course of pupil/teacher.

We all learn we all grow spiritually in the Father’s love because that is the law of all laws. Thirst and hunger after righteousness because then you keep an open mind. Do we know all? No! So in this state of mutual growth and understanding we stand with our Father to face realities that will either force us to grow or we willingly will look and see how to change. It is these words that will help you to take up the yoke of service for our Father’s work united in love of service.
In keeping with these thoughts then we approach ourselves first. We do the personal work to keep ourselves fragrant sweet loving and patient. We do the personal work of worship, prayer, and the silence.

We look to the day’s work then as what we want to do. If you are a willing worker we will bring others to you so you can talk to them about the work to be done this is talking about God sharing a concept of comfort to them. It’s addressing an issue that they seem ready to hear. Use your discretion. Use the help you have available to you. . . those workers willing to go with you in all these endeavors.

How will you know when you will encounter someone that is for you to help? You don’t. So these unseen workers are always with you. Utilize them. Speak to them. Address them as you go from place to place. The more you reciprocate the more they can work with you. This is a united effort. The seen and the unseen. The mortals with ex-mortals and various other angelic host. Jesus goes along too so acknowledge his presence. Nothing can keep you from the rewards of service this is thankfulness. As you become efficient very efficient your efforts will double triple.

So many workers uniting together. But we the unseen cannot do your work. This work is permitted as a joint effort. What is to be is this: You will be the example; you will change; you will become sweetened so your dispositions will attract or detect a needy person a searcher. A very needy searcher can be so unlovable you will recognize them. This. . . is why you have to get the good personal habits so the unseen can work with you can assist direct and be with you. Have faith in our efforts for much has been prepared for this to occur. We on this side have worked countless hours in this preparation.

Believe us when we make these statements for in just arranging a meeting between two people takes so many hours of our time. But if we have a fellow mortal worker who will go the extra mile will go to meet this other person we have in mind THEN this cuts down on manpower and many laborious hours in arranging these times. Can your imaginations work through this process that we go through in arrangements.

We won’t elaborate now but you see the problems I’m sure. If we have a mortal who is willing to risk we have many working hours saved for much other needed work. Stay with us here. See the importance of your participation in this part of our plans. See the importance of being a good example. See the importance of allowing your growth to take place with yourself first so you can assist us in an effective way. Much goes on here heavenside that we aren’t willing to speak of yet but we will share this with the group. Michael sees these miraculous things happening with ease care grace and with love. He divides the workers into two classes the second-milers and the one-milers. We the teachers will definitely be the second-milers and we invite our group to be in this class too. What will you put as your class? Are you with Michael’s mission? ? We have so much to share and we will. Okay so we see as you do it has to be the second-milers for you too. Every step you take is valuable. We appreciate these tiny steps.

Dear ones we feel blessed in all our efforts together for it shall happen. Your planet will be corrected with the timing of love acts. Each step we take together in the Father’s love is used. As we say it circles out to others. Each effort each act each risk each one of these actions are in essence paving the road for greater action to take place. You see only the confusion much of the time. We see it as one step closer each time you learn something (yes even from the confusion) or extend yourself to others. Have faith see with our eyes that all is progressing and that each person’s work is needed. Each can help where they will to put forth their own works but if you see the more powerful effort when a group works together then you see as we do. Are we saying don’t do your personal outreach now as you have always felt needed your attention.

NO. Do this work too. What we want to emphasize is the quadrupled efforts of a group working in harmony. These things we say so you can ponder and decide. Make your commitment to the group while learning to understand yourself and therefore you can understand your fellows too. Has it not been just as we say? You are going about your work and you are participating in the learning process of self-development in a safe environment with your fellow believers who are working for the same attunement.

Consider yourselves very blessed and loved for taking up the trustworthiness of this privilege. Now in closing these thoughts we ask only that you have ideas to ponder as well as lessons to grow on. Ponder and grow little tadpoles for the mature accept readily and eagerly to stretch their minds as well as their souls. Take this to class tonight. Anastacia.

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