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DTX5- Dallas Collection Part 1-Session 5

1993-03-30-Dallas Collection Part 1-Session 5
Dallas TX #5


o 1.1 Topic: Love Teachers
o 1.2 Group: Dallas TeaM
• 2 Facilitators
o 2.1 Teachers: Anastacia, Ordon
o 2.2 TR: Jeannie George

Topic: Love Teachers
Group: Dallas TeaM
Teachers: Anastacia, Ordon
TR: Jeannie George

Session 5
Anastacia & Ordon 3-28-93
Lesson 5

Do unto others as you would have them do unto you. Love others as you would love yourself. Give them the benefit of the doubt. When others are thoughtless ask the questions: Since I will love each person as myself could I give them a chance as I do myself? Could I believe that they are me?

EVERYONE IS ME THEREFORE I LOVE AND CHERISH THEM AS I DO MYSELF. Could I overlook their behavior and let them try again as I do myself? If you try these questions you will begin to see that these kinds of hurts put-downs as you would say can be put aside quickly so you have the capacity with a clear mind to go on with the work.

Lay aside disturbances that will not be of use to you. Laying aside these little matters of discord will be the way to actually TRANSCEND over to the spiritual values that will prepare you for the more important work to be done on your planet. Little nuances can be insightful. Look before stepping aside/over them.
Ask God to look with you. If there is merit in the criticism thank the person and let go. Groups working together will often encounter meaningless troubles.

This will be the beginning of working together in spite of the differences the wills and the moods of others. Don’t be too proud to say that these little digs don’t hurt. All of you have experienced them. Take a breath of spiritual love inhale and let this love flow out to the person. Be big enough to let discords go into the wind so they can be blown away and out of your life forever. If you take the time you will faithfully begin to build your base/foundation of true discipleship for Jesus. Be true to yourself your real selves.

And this is what we would say here: Devote yourself to your fellow men. Be glad to give service. Be happy to have the opportunity for all people are not aware that happiness comes truly into your heart when you can do things that you don’t like. YOU STRETCH YOUR WILL TO DO GOD’S WILL.

You can take your spirit of giving and turn the job into an adventure as simply singing while you do the work. That will set the example for others around you. Yes you can be the brave example who will do those little pesky things no one wants to do. Volunteer and you will be rewarded. The important jobs have many clamoring to take on this work. The little unimportant jobs that no one else sees as important are really as important. All work has honor and merit in doing the job well with honesty of heart and a song on your lips. This is the appealing part of work all work brings rewards. Those that can be entrusted with the small jobs will be given truly the work of the mission. The mission is finding the work to do it. Speaking out in God’s behalf.

Giving people comfort with the words you speak. Give hope to the poor in spirit. Yes you can do all these things and we will see that all are presented with opportunities to do this easy available work. It will be in your path. In your daily life. You can see the work clearly if you keep out the disharmony and stay attuned with your Father all day long. Give God a chance to work with you.

All his heartfelt wishes can be expressed on your lips as you go about your jobs and daily routine. Here is the easy test that we will give you. Keep out of disharmony by staying gentle lovable in the coming weeks. Heed our words here for there will be opportunities for you to accept your role of teachers.

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