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DTX6- Dallas Collection Part 1-Session 6

1993-03-30-Dallas Collection Part 1-Session 6
Dallas TX #6


o 1.1 Topic: Love Teachers
o 1.2 Group: Dallas TeaM
• 2 Facilitators
o 2.1 Teachers: Welmek
o 2.2 TR: Jeannie George

Topic: Love Teachers
Group: Dallas TeaM
Teachers: Welmek
TR: Jeannie George

Session 6
Anastacia & Ordon 3-30-93
Lesson 6

FAITH: Going the second Mile [Written message to Jeannie from Welmek]
This transmission was given in love a labor of love so to speak as I Welmek have completed more work in the last week than I have since I arrived here on your planet. It is then with my humble blessings that I share with you my words as follows.


The lesson tonight is on Faith. Faith to me comes from my experience where I lived the life of a believer. Never did I have to consider the question of did I have faith. So you will understand my amazement to see you the faith sons of God so faithful and willing to believe without seeing. Believe me when I say that you are blessed in that you have the privilege to come to terms with your faith. You have the privilege of exercising your faith muscles. You have the privilege of having to push through adversities that you will either prove to yourself that there is much more to have faith about or you will go the way of unbelief.

Which is the most profitable path to take? As a believer who develops more faith or one who loses his faith? One comes to terms with his faith as he is tested and tested and tested again. In this manner you will become a true tested mortal and have what is referred to in your text as living faith. You will then see life in much more harmony of movement. Living faith will take away the “I don’t cares” from your thoughts for you WILL care about others.

Faith will take you to caring. Yes the very faith that helps you love yourself because of God’s care will help you love others. You will see how much God’s love for you increases everyday. God has purpose and plan. In this plan he wills to lead each mortal along the path to the garden of fruitfulness. God’s love leads each mortal to see how he tenderly fosters your advancement in your place in the world.

The flowering of your countenance brings forth much fruitfulness and when you see these values that your work with God has produced then you return the love back through to God by your devotion to your brothers and sisters. It is so beautiful this trip through the garden of growth. This faith in the Father will be your banner. Nothing is as important as keeping this faith alive. It is a gift from our First Source and Center of all the universes and it is the gift most cherished by the mortals who especially can’t see but have to believe so much. You are the children truly of the Father’s love held in waiting. Hold fast to these ideas and be sure you will reap the rewards of a living faith.

Time helps faith prove to you that the Father really does exist in your hearts as well as in the hearts of your fellows. You can then see the faith of your fellow believers. Shared faith becomes truly a way for believers to compare exactly what God has prepared for them: A place of assurance in the Father’s care. Don’t hesitate with faith. Place your life in the Father’s care. Allow him to direct your ways. Allow him to answer for you all the mysteries of life by keeping your faith alert to the answers and the events that will happen and that have happened to you. In knowing you have to have reviewed the events of the day. In understanding you have to have seen been aware of the way God does watch over you and has turned events so that his work is being done.

Yes surely you see with the believers eyes that all is well in the life of faithful sons who put their trust in Jesus’ hands while all about them many are falling, failing, and frailing about. Faith sons have God by their side walking with them through every phase, every moment of their lives.

Thank you Jeannie by being so helpful in permitting this transmission by your faithful computer that seems to spit out this transmission of wisdom and words to genuinely take to your hearts. Many of your talented accept the challenge of being available to be teachers through being the medium of transport. Again I say to your group I welcome your warm and loving words you have expressed about my teachings. It is my calling to teach. I have expressed much about faith to you. Please carry on in faith as the faithful. Then you will know for a fact that many things that you took on faith will be proven to you as truth. So long for now until the materialization. Dear ones please be assured we will visit with you there. It has been granted. Now Anastacia will close this lesson #5 with these words about faith:

I see this group beginning to glean a workable faith. A working faith can carry you through hardships. It has brought you to thankfulness and it will bring you to love. You can glimpse the love that Jesus has shown and you can be this love to your corner of enlightenment. (Sign off for now. Later we will finish this lesson. )To prove my point of a workable faith consider this: Many phases of your life have been in situations where you would’ve preferred not to have been placed there.

You wished you didn’t have to cope with the problems. Your patience to participate in these situations brought you forward to right where you are now. Consider the experience that was needed to get here at this time with the growth that you possess now. Each lesson is needed my friends. You have to progress to learn or you repeat the lessons over and over. You eventually get them right.

You faithful repeat these lessons for you begin to see the pattern. You see the value of the lesson. You keep your faith in the Father’s love that this is what he wants you to learn. Don’t take these words so lightly. Bring to these thoughts the idea of completion. To complete a cycle you are encouraged to perform certain faith acts. You accept these lessons when you willingly take up the work with a glad heart. You are progressing forward then. Completion of a cycle or just being a willing worker gives you so much freedom and so much energy. Faith brings you along to the proof that spiritual reality values are true. Faith proves truth. We realize this is long. Stay with us and read it through. We have good cause to present the lesson in this length. Our love to the group.

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