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GYR13- Experiencing Moments of Sadness and Uncertainty Together

2012-09-01-Experiencing Moments of Sadness and Uncertainty Together
Goodyear #13


• 1 Heading
o 1.1 Topic: Experiencing Moments of Sadness and Uncertainty Together
o 1.2 Group: Goodyear TeaM
• 2 Facilitators
o 2.1 Teacher: Melvadorin
o 2.2 TR: Georges Douyon
• 3 Session
o 3.1 Lesson

Topic: Experiencing Moments of Sadness and Uncertainty Together
Group: Goodyear TeaM
Teacher: Melvadorin
TR: Georges Douyon

MELVADORIN: Mortal life is made up of a series of alternating circumstances with varying degrees of “ups and downs” moments. Moments of sadness and uncertainty compensated with moments of joy and happiness. What I want to discuss with you are the moments of sadness and uncertainty like the one you recently experienced which has affected you greatly. You and I have grown closer to each other because of your willingness to recognize that your limitations can only be improved upon by following my admonitions.

You have come to experience great peace of mind and security in the realization that I AM always with you nearby, to talk to you, to encourage you in your endeavors and fill you with my love in the intimate moments we share so often. Recently, you became exposed to the possibility that all you knew, all that you considered to be logical and real, all that you believed in, including ME, may have been nothing more than a construct of your mortal mind. You had found comfort, safety and happiness within the boundaries you set for yourself and were truly content.

Little you knew that the walls of your safety box would soon come crashing down on you. Having had the foundation of your core belief system shaken, having had to reconsider new alternatives and possibilities brought great confusion, sadness and uncertainties into the very essence of your being. I knew beforehand that you would be greatly affected by this experience but observing you being troubled, confused, and sad also brought sadness to ME.

During that period of time, I experienced thru your mind everything that you felt; including the sense of guilt that you felt for thinking that you had betrayed ME. You also felt at some point, that all the spiritual influences had abandoned you and everything you thought you knew was just a big lie. Most importantly, you experienced a period of mental spiritual emptiness which in time allowed you to better appreciate ME and you began to develop a genuine longing for my constant “nagging”. All the while, during this period of time, I remained silent and inflexible, simply observing and waiting for you my child to come out of the abyss of darkness and despair.

You see my child; I knew that the spiritual light of the Father within your heart would not allow you to tarry into the darkness for long. Imagine the joy I experienced when I witness your resurrection, your ascension from darkness into the light. Your first thought upon your resurrection was to reaffirm your convictions in ME, followed by a renewed desire to submit your will to my leadings always.

Before this universe, I bear witness and say onto you that my task has been accomplished. Identification with the spirit within always, remains the goal of humanity and identification with the spirit within will not occur with rituals, special prayers, or imitations of spiritual beings. It is only thru adversity that the real intentions of the soul are made manifest. The type of adversity a human being must endure will always be dictated by his or her own chosen path in this life and his or her own internal reactions to the thought provoking circumstances that will arise during a short life span.

This is strictly a personal matter that is only known to us Divine Monitors. WE do not promise you a life of ease for following our leadings but we do promise to transform you into indestructible, loyal and immortal beings for all eternities. A combined being with infinite potentials, matchless character and divine condescension, a being so completely identified with the Universal Father that no powers in the cosmos can ever challenge nor defy.

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