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PHL4- On Lower World Frequencies

2015-09-29-On Lower World Frequencies
Philippines #4


• 1 Heading
o 1.1 Topic: Lesson on Lower World Frequencies
o 1.2 Group: Philippines Mission
• 2 Facilitators
o 2.1 Teacher: Abraham
o 2.2 TR: Evan Mariano
• 3 September 29
• 4 September 30

Topic: Lesson on Lower World Frequencies
Group: Philippines Mission
Teacher: Abraham
TR: Evan Mariano

September 29
ABRAHAM:  This is Abraham. You could say we just crossed party lines as you started to ask a question I was checking who was online in our spiritual circuits. Yes it is I and I am going to respond to your question on your world being of a lower frequency than ours. Of course you are aware of the differences in the physical and material plane and that of the morontial plane. The morontial plane is of a much higher frequency in vibrations of energy. We cannot use any other terminology although we have terms here that you have not yet discovered such as generasys atoms.

You can spell that as G-e-n-e-r-a-s-y-s Atoms. These are particles that are linkers to physical and morontial levels. These are unseen or undetectable to human eyes so it is useless in your terms or more precisely irrelevant.

These atoms are so infinitesimal your quarks will seem large even gigantic things or units. This is something you might be extremely surprised to know that on the other side is a level of much minute details but as you get down to our level you will come into a much larger perspective or ‘reality’. This is the spirit side of things; it is quite almost opposite to your world and impossible for you to imagine. We do have a considerable distance from you in terms of dimension. I know this is difficult but it was your question and my answer to it.

Yes, your physical reality is more outward into the density of space…into the time relativity of actuality or experience. That is why your world is oftentimes called experiential because you see time as a linear activity whereas we see it in a different view. Everything co-exists at the same level of experience. I don’t think you will follow it precisely but you get the drift.

  • Lesson on Magnificence

ABRAHAM:   Perhaps we can start our lesson now. I wanted to speak to you about magnificence. The magnificence of creation and it reflects the magnificence of God the Supreme. It is no coincidence that you were conceived with the magnificent thoughts of your parents. Their love is what you were made from. That act of love between two persons is a magnet…do you see the word…magnet…it does not repel…it attracts the opposite but in reality it is an amalgamation of opposites to become one. Two poles so totally different coming together as one to form a new entity out of a loving response. Two poles that were once apart are now made one. And that oneness develops into another unit a new entity so to speak…this is the material unity of two spiritual dimensions…think about this lesson as a prerequisite to other lessons as this is the beginning of time and space. Two different identities merging into one. I will return. Abraham.

September 30
ABRAHAM:  Good morning. I would like to continue. So you see that time and space is a creation or entity of the One of Purpose (Divine Purpose/Father Purpose). The Divine Consciousness is a God of Purpose. One of Proposal. One of Seeming Potential and Experience. If you can see time and space as one entity or child you will begin to see a new dimension of reality. You are part of that dimension of reality (just as there are other dimensions of reality you are not part of and some others are).

Everything you see now/here becomes a part of your reality. But only mortals or human beings have that sense of intelligent thought and ability of decision-making in and about their reality. Not everything created in your world has a command responsibility. Most of the animal kingdom do not have a mindal ability. They are created beings of isness. They just are.

They have no potential to be anything else other than their original purpose of being and existing for you. Therefore you could consider yourselves as unique and unqualifiedly purposeful and experiential; one which serves a purpose plus potential and that potential is a divine career in the realms of spirit. Good things to ponder for a moment of time/space. This is Abraham.

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