TR Person: CathyM

NID532- Greater Awareness

2008-10-12.  Greater Awareness No Idaho #532 Topic: Greater Awareness Expands Experience Group: N. Idaho TeaM Teacher: Elyon, Unknown, Monjoronson TR: Mark Rogers, Cathy Morris Opening Cathy: I’d like to take a

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NID536- Phenomenon of Acceptance

2008-10-26.  Phenomenon of Acceptance No Idaho #536 Topic: Phenomenon of Acceptance Group: N. Idaho TeaM Teacher: Elyon, Michael, Monjoronson, Olfana TR: Mark Rogers, Cathy Morris Opening Mark: After the other night I

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NID538- Calm Before the Storm

2008-11-02.  Calm Before the Storm No Idaho #538 Topic: Calm Before the Storm Group: N. Idaho TeaM Teacher: Unknown, Elyon, Monjoronson TR: Cathy Morris, Mark Rogers Opening Unknown: [Kathy] “In the calm

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