LLN600- Circuits, Opportunity, Indwelling Spirit Contact®

2020-12-31. Circuits, Opportunity, Indwelling Spirit Contact. Prayer: I’d invite us to circle up and petition to join spirit and condition our internal environment to be conducive to such contact. Let us relax into our faith that we will embrace spirit as we so choose, as we are so willing.  Michael: My dear ones, it brings me great pleasure […]

MLV27- Resilience®

2020-12-29. Resilience. Monjoronson:  Hello to all of you my friends, here Monjoronson and on this day it is my intention to talk to you on a subject that each of you will have to understand; Resilience. Being resilient is for an individual to have the ability to fully grasp a situation, to fully understand this […]

MLV27fr- Résilience

2020-12-29. Résilience Québec, Canada, 29 Décembre 2020. – MLV #27fr Enseignant : Monjoronson Sujet : Résilience Message reçu par : Michel Levasseur Monjoronson:  Bonjour à vous tous mes amis, ici Monjoronson et en ce jour il est de mon intension de vous entretenir sur un sujet que chacun de vous devra bien comprendre : La Résilience. Être résilient est pour […]

POD106- The Importance of Family, Ethics & Values®

2020-12-28. The Importance of Family, Ethics & Values. To Listen – <<click here>> Wisdom from Our Planetary Manager. Welcome to the Machiventa Melchizedek Podcast number 106. This podcast series will consist of excerpts from the various transcripts delivered to our planet from Machiventa Melchizedek, our planetary manager, & perhaps other celestial personalities who are here […]

POD105- Death & Dying – Part 2®

2020-12-27  Podcast Series 105 – Death & Dying- Part 2. To Listen – <<click here>> Machiventa Melchizedek Podcast with Monjoronson Wisdom from Our Planetary Manager Podcast 105 – Death and Dying- Part 2 Welcome to the Machiventa Melchizedek Podcast #105. This podcast series will consist of excerpts from the various transcripts delivered to our planet […]

JSP7- My Gift of Peace

2020-12-24. My Gift of Peace. M Y   G I F T   O F    P E A C E – JSP #7      During the holiday which is upon you, I give you a Gift of Peace!!!  Peace within your heart, your mind, your life, your family and home, your community, all communities and your cities, […]

MLV26- Free Will

2020-12-23. Free Will Quebec, Canada, December 23 , 2020. Teacher : Monjoronson  Subject : Free Will Message received by : Michel Levasseur Monjoronson: « “Hello my friends, I am Monjoronson and in this time of celebration for many of you, I want to give you some information that will help you better understand the nature of changes on the horizon. My friends, […]

LLN599- Angels, The Trinity, Power of Love, Life & Midwayers

2020-12-23. Angels, The Trinity, Power of Love, Life & Midwayers Michael on December 23, 2020. – LLN #599 Michael – T/R – JL (Life’s merriment)  (The Trinity)  (Guardian Angels)  (Life Carriers & Mother Spirit)  (Jesus’ Followers)  (The Power & Rewards of Love)  (Romp Around the Universe)  (Guardian Angels again)  (Mature Enough for the Urantia Book)  (You […]

JSP5- Love One Another

2020-12-20. Love One Another. L O VE   O N E   A N O T H E R       My original message, “Love one another as brothers and sisters with God as your Father”.  This is a spiritual message, and all spiritual messages are intended as intentions; to actually begin to practice my intention […]

JSP6- Christ-Like Moves

2020-12-20. Christ-Like Moves C H R I S T   L I K E   M O V E S – JSP #6       I have titled this message, ‘Christ like Moves’. What is a Christ like move and is it the same as this is what Jesus would have done? On both accounts you would […]

LLN598- Increasing & Exercising Your Thought Adjuster Relationship®

2020-12-17.  Increasing & Exercising Your Thought Adjuster Relationship. Prayer: I’d like us to create our inner environment to use our individual construct of thinking to bring us to the relaxed state where we can embrace awareness, where we can have an open heart and mind to receive spirit. We actively take steps to do this in […]

JSP4- Decisions Are Difficult

2020-12-17. Decisions Are Difficult. D E C I S I O N S    A R E   D I F F I C U L T – JSP #4       Dear Ones, I have mentioned the spirit which dwells within.  The spirit which is guiding and attempting to direct your life depends on your […]

JSP3- The Spirit Within

2020-12-14. The Spirit Within. T H E   S P I R I T   W I T H I N    – JSP #3 Today, I want to reveal my Father to you.  My Father desires to know you intimately.  The Father sends an aspect of His Spirit to dwell in you.  He does not send the […]

MLV25- Important Message®

2020-12-14. Important message. Monjoronson «Hello to all of you reading this message, I am Monjoronson and today I bring this important message to you. My friends, we are reaching the end of a stage and a process and it is now one minute to midnight. The twelve midnight bells are going to ring and it […]

paper – Developing a Personal Loving God Theology-1.5

2020-12-13  PLEASE DOWNLOAD TO VIEW PAPER To leave a comment, reply or question… CLICK HERE ABSTRACT     001.5    Developing a Personal Loving-God Theology This small book was first published in 1992 as my first published book.  At 126 pages and a stapled binding, only 50 copies were printed which gives it a unique position that also […]

JSP2 – Open Your Heart

2020-12-11. Open Your Heart O P E N   Y O U R   H E A R T – JSP #2 I am Jesus; the same Jesus that lived and died some two thousand years ago on the very earth you are on now.  I want you to know I am here in spirit and I want […]

MGM25- The Earthbound Borderland – Cleansing the Grid®

2020-12-11. The Earthbound Borderland, Cleansing the Grid. Vicki:  Good Evening Monjoronson. Monjoronson: Good evening my friend. Vicki: It appears from conversations I’ve had with those doing this work and from a collection of recent transmissions, that we have another campaign to clean the grid.  Can you validate this for us? Monjoronson:  Yes, we have once again accumulated […]

LLN597- Be Flexible and Adaptable to Opportunities as yet Unforeseen®

2020-12-10.  Be Flexible and Adaptable to Opportunities as yet Unforeseen. Prayer: Divine Parents, we are so blessed. We have only a vague idea of how blessed we are throughout this process because it has been our experience, our normal. We have thrived on your grace, we have lived off your life force but it is good to […]

JSP1 – A Good Family

2020-12-09   –  A    G O O D    F A M I L Y Jesus Speaks – JSP #1 A good family begins with a good father.  He insures loyalty and fairness amongst the members of the family.  A good family has a strong and loving mother; her children are strong, forthright and lovingly […]

11CT-568- Unity Consciousness®

2020-12-09. Unity Consciousness – a Deeper Look. This week I have been given a unique insight about Unity Consciousness from an experiential point of view through my Thought Adjuster.  I’m not sure I can adequately articulate the experience in human language, but I will try my best that you may understand and perhaps take the words […]

MLV24- Chess Game

2020-12-09. Chess Game Quebec, Canada, December 9 , 2020. – MLV #24 Teacher : Monjoronson  Subject : Chess Game Message received by : Michel Levasseur Monjoronson: “ Hello my friends, I am Monjoronson and on this day I allow myself to communicate this short message to you with some information which may be interesting to know. Indeed, there is a higher […]

LLN596- Healing Circle, Prayer & Intention®

2020-12-03. Healing Circle, Prayer & Intention Mark: I had an inner dialog before this meeting to get into the habit of hearing from my Inner Divine Voice. This led to thinking about our healing circle and wondering how to bring focus to this energy and with intention being such a huge part, what should I […]

MLV23- re: Magisterial Mission

2020-12-010. re: Magisterial Mission Quebec, Canada, December 1 , 2020. – MLV#23 Teacher : Monjoronson  Subject : Magisterial Mission Message received by : Michel Levasseur   Monjoronson. “ Hello to all of you who have access to this transcript, I am Monjoronson and on this day I will provide you with an update on the current state of the Magisterial Mission which will […]